Top 10 Farm Animals

There are many species of animals that can be found on a farm. But a few questions often come up in the mouths of children and older children: What is the name of the female of this animal? And the male? What about their young? To find out everything, it’s here.

1.The cow

The most emblematic animal of the farm, the cow is a pure and hard herbivore. Bred for its meat and milk, it is widespread on farms around the world.

2.The rabbit

With its large ears, the rabbit is the favorite hairball of children. But it is also appreciated for its flesh. Moreover, it is raised in a hutch. It reproduces very quickly and can live up to 10 years.

3.The goat

Ah, the goat cheese! These animals are highly prized for their milk. However, they are more and more used as ecological lawnmowers in municipal or private gardens.

4.The hen

The hen is an omnivorous animal that cannot be ignored in backyards. Indeed, it can eat everything, which is very practical when you don’t want to spoil your leftovers. Mainly appreciated for their meat and eggs, hens are more and more adopted by individuals as pets.

5.The Pig

Unjustly victim of a reputation as a “dirty” animal, the pig is nonetheless very intelligent. In fact, its intelligence may even be superior to that of dogs. In addition, their sense of smell is highly developed and, like hens, they can eat anything. In addition, their meat is very appreciated all over the world. On the other hand, some religions forbid eating pork.

6.The donkey

Smaller than horses, donkeys are often found on farms around the world. The reason? They are very pleasant animals to live with despite their sometimes overly assertive character. Thus, they are often used as transport animals.

7.The sheep

Often bred for their wool and meat, sheep differ from goats by their lack of beard. On the other hand, they are from the same family. In addition, the sheep’s fleece must be sheared every year.

8.The turkey

At Christmas time, their meat is in great demand. And for good reason: turkey is the largest poultry in the backyard. Just like chickens, they can eat insects, seeds and plants.

  1. The horse

The horse is above all a working animal. Indeed, as a great friend of man, it has long been his main means of transport. Thus, it had a main role in battles and was even a war hero. Its robust muscles and speed make it a popular animal for racing. Finally, it is also widely used in the fields.

  1. The duck

These small birds live in the water most of the time. Their feathers are appreciated for making pillows. Small but strong, some ducks can even live up to 12 years!