The reproduction of breeding rabbits

First of all, it is necessary to be equipped to welcome the bunnies. Accessories, hutches and food for rabbit breeding are then essential. When one starts breeding, it is thus necessary to know the secrets of rabbit reproduction to assist and accompany the female as well as possible.

No reproduction of rabbits without maturity

For the reproduction of breeding rabbits, it is essential to know the sexual maturity of these animals. According to the breeds, this one differs:

  • small breeds: from 4 to 6 months
  • medium breeds: from 4 to 8 months
  • large breeds: from 5 to 8 months

The breeding cycle of rabbits

Contrary to other species, the breeding cycle of rabbits does not exist. Indeed the rabbit does not have an ovarian cycle. Sometimes she will accept the male, and sometimes she will simply push him out of his hutch!

However, certain signs are revealing: the vulva is red and slightly swollen; by placing her hand on her rump, the female bends her back and shows her genitals; hyperactivity; she rubs her chin with objects.

Mating and reproduction of rabbits

For the reproduction of rabbits, the rabbit must be taken to visit the rabbit in its cage and not the other way around. The latter, if he loses his olfactory references, will go around in circles without paying attention to his roommate.

Copulation is very fast, between 2 to 3 seconds and if the female is not receptive at all, she must be put back in her cage and try again later.

If, the fusion of the two beings is successful, ovulation is on the way (9 to 13 hours later).

The gestation of the rabbit

How do I know if my rabbit is pregnant? Well… After about ten days, you can already feel the sprays forming in the belly of the rabbit. The gestation period will last between 29 to 35 days. However, be careful not to squeeze the belly too much, since you risk provoking an abortion and ask about pseudo-manipulation to avoid disappointment.

Like all sensitive beings, some rabbits, rather shy, will not want to be manipulated. Let’s respect their wishes!

During the gestation and nursing period, the rabbit must have a well-filled bowl, enriched and complete food (find our range of food for breeding rabbits with hay, pellets…). As well, clean and fresh water at all times.

The warm and cosy nest

Before giving birth, the nest must be prepared. With straw, in a quiet place, the rabbit (for more comfort), will arrange the nest according to her wishes. She will pull out the hairs of the belly to facilitate the head of the rabbits and make a real small warm and cozy nest for her young.

The birth… ultimate phase!

Last phase of the reproduction of the rabbits, the farrowing. The bunnies are generally born early in the morning and can weigh between 30 and 80g. They are totally dependent on their mother to grow up.

After giving birth, be sure to keep track of the reproduction (date of birth, breed, origins, mating dates, births with the number of pups at birth, number and weight of pups at weaning). Also read the article on weaning bunnies, which is very complete and informative.

Now it’s up to you to play, to follow the stages of breeding rabbits and to welcome your little tribe of bunnies!