The main breeds of guinea pigs

The guinea pig, or guinea pig, is a cuddly and very sociable rodent, which occupies a place of choice in our homes. It has its own standards. Different breeds of guinea pigs exist, categorized by hair type: smooth hair, long hair and wire hair (but there are also naked guinea pigs).

Smooth-haired guinea pigs

This is the most common type of hair and is easy to care for. There are several breeds and all kinds of coat colors. If the multicolored ones are not standardized, the standard gives for the others a shade for the ears, the soles of the feet and the color of the eyes, variable according to the color of the animal.

  • The plain guinea pig can be black, tan, red, golden, fawn, cream, white, lilac or beige;
  • The agoutis, whose hair has 2 shades. They are the closest to the guinea pig in the wild. The agouti is cinnamon, lemon, roan, silver or gold;
  • The tan is black, tan or lilac with a black, white or tan belly band;
  • The fox is black or lilac with a white belly band.

Patterned guinea pigs: these have several colors, varying according to the breed.

  • The tortoise shell which must have black and red spots on each side;
  • The tortoiseshell and white: its coat looks like a black, white and red checkerboard;
  • The himalayan: if he has the red eyes of the albinos, this one is not completely white. The ears, the tip of the legs and the nose are black or tan;
  • The Dutchman: the hindquarters as well as his eyes and ears are chocolate or black. The rest is white;
  • The harlequin whose colors alternate, but the head must be well defined in the middle in the manner of a checkerboard, with a light color and a darker;
  • The Dalmatian with a black head and a spotted body like the dog;
  • The English or American crowned, with their marked frontal zone, which is the origin of their name.

In the diversity of smooth hairs, there are also the satins. Unicolored with shiny and soft hairs like… satin.

The hard hairs

There are far fewer varieties in this category. The abyssinian (or rosette) has a belly band and is most often roan (which means that the coat is mixed with white). The rex is also called teddy. It is available in different colors and has the particularity of having an erect coat.

Long hairs

These require maintenance. Your small animal will need to be brushed and even trimmed regularly. This is a criterion not to be neglected in your choice!

We find the Peruvian, with very long hair. It seems to have a quiff, the hairs leave towards the front and all the colors are admitted.

The shelty whose hairs go from front to back, unlike the Peruvian.

The texel, with long hair so curly that the animal seems bigger than it is.

The naked guinea pig, such as the skinny or the baldwin, is particularly sensitive and will not be suitable for beginners.

New varieties are appearing, created by breeders through crossbreeding. The choice is wide and you will always find the guinea pig that will make you fall in love with its beauty as well as its easy and endearing character!