The Lovebirds: who are they? Advice and good breeding practices

The New Pets or NACs are very popular. Among the most popular are birds, especially parrots and inseparable birds. The latter are popular with animal lovers because of their intelligence, alertness and agility.

Characteristics of lovebirds

Pets endowed with a colored plumage, the inseparable ones are part of the family of the parrots living especially in tropical Africa notably on the island of Madagascar. They weigh on average between 40 and 60 g and are between 12 and 16 cm. These birds are distinguished by their powerful beak and rounded tail. They have very bright colors in their coat and are very pleasant to admire. The inseparable are declined in several species. Among the best known are the rose-throated lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis) with pink heads and plumage with blue and green shades. Another known species is the Fischer (Agapornis fischeri) which is characterized by the white ring around its eyes. This breed also likes to emit its own high-pitched sounds. Otherwise, there is also the masked inseparable (Agapornis personatus) with green wings, an orange beak, an eye ring and yellow feathers.

One of the specificities of this animal is that it must always live as a pair, hence its name. Therefore, it is difficult to consider adopting only one of them. This has a real impact on their well-being.

Behavior of the inseparable

The inseparable have different characters. However, we know that they are very lively and agile birds that are also big climbers and above all, they love to fly. As they have powerful legs, they have no difficulty performing all kinds of acrobatics. Their beak also helps them to climb trees or their cage. And when they yawn a lot, it indicates that it is necessary to renew the air in the house and open the windows. Also, when it comes to their beaks, lovebirds like to sharpen them. They need a hard surface or a tree branch to do so. Make some available to them in their cage. Another thing: to know if a finch is healthy, observe its posture. When it is standing on one leg, it means it is calm and feeling good.

Diet and lifestyle of finches

For their well-being, the inseparable must evolve in an adapted environment. Offer them the largest cage possible to be installed in a place with plenty of light. It must also be located in a quiet place. If not, you can also ask breeders for advice on the right way to place the cage. On this subject, when you decide to adopt inseparable birds, it is advisable to systematically go through the breeders in order to have a guarantee on the health of your birds. This professional will also guide you on the type of care and feeding to give to these animals. On this point, this bird has a varied diet: berries, fruits, seeds, flowers, buds, insects, larvae… It also needs to have clean and fresh water systematically at its disposal.