The French Bulldog : Everything you need to know about him !

With its adorable appearance and its very jovial character, the French Bulldog is one of the favorite dogs of the French. However, few people know his origin and really know how to take care of him to keep him healthy as long as possible.

The origins of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog has been known for a short time. It appeared in the middle of the 19th century in the Paris region. However, the French Bulldog has many ancestors that have a rather amazing past when you know its sociable and friendly character.

The French bulldog was formerly called the Epirus molossus. As the breed belongs to the molossus family, it has long been used for fighting. In some tribes, the dog was a weapon capable of hunting, wounding and killing. With the development of trade, the Epirus molosser arrived in Europe and mainly in England. The British began to breed these dogs with a view to making them fight to the death.

Soon, the dog was compared to a bull which can be translated by the word “bull”. In France too, the old French bulldog was used for fighting. In the middle of the 19th century, Parisians used to meet in basements. Obviously, these lives made the dogs particularly violent and aggressive towards their fellow dogs, but also towards humans.

The character of the French Bulldog

Seeing a French bulldog today, no one can suspect his past and his aggressiveness during the fights of the XIXth century. Indeed, the French Bulldog is one of the easiest dogs to live with. It is suitable for any type of family. He has no problem adapting to a new environment and meeting new people. On the contrary, it is immediately affectionate, sociable and playful.

The dog can live in a house, but also in an apartment, as long as it is taken out frequently enough to let off steam and do its business. It does not need a lot of physical activity to flourish.

Be careful, however, the French bulldog can be a very jealous dog when another dog dares to approach his masters. It is also rather dependent and supports badly loneliness on the long term.

The French bulldog’s weakness is its ability to obey. The master will have to be patient. Indeed, the breed is known to be very stubborn. The education can thus seem interminable. It is then recommended to educate it as soon as possible in the softness because it is very sensitive. However, the French bulldog loves to learn new things and to be stimulated intellectually.

The physique of the French Bulldog

The French bulldog has kept physical traces of its past. Although it rarely exceeds 35 centimeters in height, it appears very muscular. His head is square. His skull is flat. Its muzzle is raised. His ears are particularly high and straight. His eyes are round. His coat is short in most cases.

As for its color, everything depends on its variety. It can have a fawn coat that varies between red and café au lait or a brindle coat that goes from white to black. For a bulldog to be healthy, it must weigh between 8 and 14 kilograms depending on its sex, age and activity.

On average, it can live 12 years. It is a fairly robust dog that has few health problems during its life. However, its eyes are quite sensitive. Because of his physique, some problems can occur, but they are easily reversible if they are caught in time. A too short snout can cause him a respiratory discomfort. Because of this same muzzle, the French Bulldog has a tendency to snore. Also, its small size can promote obesity and develop herniated discs.

The French bulldog requires little sporting activities. A simple walk in town can be enough for him. It is therefore suitable for people who are not fans of running or long walks. Indeed, and always because of its too short muzzle, the dog can quickly lose its breath if it is too stimulated.

The French Bulldog in everyday life

As for all the breeds, the French Bulldog requires all the attention of his master as regards his food. It must be perfectly balanced to stabilize his weight and offer him a certain digestive comfort. Thus, it may be wiser not to try to save money when choosing its kibbles. The big fault of this dog is the greediness. It is thus necessary to take care to calculate its ration and not to give him extra. Many French Bulldogs are overweight because of this.

Its short coat requires only a weekly brushing. The French Bulldog molts in the fall and spring, but its short hair prevents its owner from being invaded. Its sensitive eyes must be cleaned with a specific lotion quite regularly. Moreover, Vaseline can be applied in its folds to protect its skin from aggressions and infections. The female can have difficult deliveries that require a veterinary follow-up and a caesarean section. Puppies are already born with a large head.

The French bulldog needs a calm master. An elderly person can be very suitable. He also has no difficulty adapting to children with whom he will constantly seek contact to establish moments of play. He also has no problem adapting to the presence of a cat. Another dog can be included in his environment if he has been used to its presence while young. If not, he will categorically refuse the other dog because he is very jealous and possessive of his family. He should not be left alone with another male. His instinct can push him to start a fight.

The French Bulldog is therefore a pleasant and gentle dog that adapts perfectly to a city lifestyle. He is very close to his masters and children while his past can make think the opposite. Easy to maintain, he can accompany you for many years without any particular health problem.