Teaching your dog to recall with the whistle technique

Training your dog to recall is a fundamental thing, a basic in his education.
Recall is a command given to your dog to come back to you when you ask him to, in any situation.
For successful results, different training methods exist, and among the most effective, the ultrasonic whistle.
Discover in this article all our tips and tricks to teach your faithful companion to recall!

Why is recall essential in dog training?

Recall is essential in your daily life with your pet, both at home and when you go out. If your dog comes to you easily when he is at home and you ask for him, you should not take recall for granted.
Indeed, it is not necessarily the same outside where the sources of disturbances are numerous and can lead to your animal being much less receptive to the given order.

Thus, when walking with a dog training lanyard or when your faithful companion is unleashed in order to be able to run around and let off steam, for example, but also in any environment, it is necessary to be able to control your pet in all circumstances.
Dangers may arise where it is necessary to intervene, your dog must then be able to obey you and return to you.

What are the steps in learning to recall?

Even if this training seems simple, it is necessary to be patient so that it is definitively acquired and that your dog responds each time to your command in an immediate way.

As with all basic training, it is necessary to teach it to your dog as early as possible, i.e. from the age of 3 months.
When you begin to teach your dog to recall, make sure that you have your dog’s full attention so that he can clearly hear your command and have the best chance of responding in the right way.

Teaching your dog to recall should be done progressively through training exercises: it starts by calling your pet at home, in a familiar space without too many stimuli, and then ends in an outdoor environment with several disturbing elements such as the presence of other dogs, multiple attractive smells, etc…

The recall command should first include your dog’s name to get his attention and a verbal command. You must then encourage him to come to you with an enthusiastic attitude.

Positive reinforcement is a must when teaching your dog to recall. You must be motivated and motivating. This consists of rewarding and congratulating your pet when it performs a good behavior in order to encourage it to repeat it. The most effective motivators are treats or his favorite toy.

Also, never call your dog to do something unpleasant. For example, if you ask him to come to you to provide care, reprimand him, make him stop an activity, etc… He will associate the recall with something unpleasant and will therefore not come to you the next time you call him, even in a case where the recall is justified! Your dog must be happy to come to you without any constraint and must be rewarded without moderation by caresses, compliments…

What about the dog whistle technique ?

The ultrasonic whistle is a small accessory used for dog training. It produces a sound that can only be heard by dogs, who have much better hearing than humans.

Unlike voice, the ultrasonic whistle delivers a neutral and constant sound that is easily identified and assimilated by the dog. It allows to create a conditioning, a reference for the animal which assimilates that hearing this sound is associated with the request of recall, then with the delivery of a reward.