Superfoods for our pets: Boost their Health!

Simply feeding your pet superfoods will guarantee him iron health and well-being throughout his life. Your dog’s vitality should be boosted through a diet rich in superfoods. Do you know them?
You will have the pleasure of introducing your pet to beet, tomato pomace, spirulina and ginger, fish oil or flaxseed oil, turmeric, and many other powerful nutrients. Then you’ll know how to select a good, healthy recipe for your beloved companion, and kibbles with essential health benefits for animals.

Little cute maltipoo puppy

Fruits and vegetables: a maximum of vitamins


A source of fiber par excellence, beet (Beta Vugaris) has long been used in pet food.

Fiber (in moderate doses) improves your pet’s intestinal transit, which is particularly necessary in cases of diarrhea or constipation. The intestinal flora finds a certain comfort in daily life. Magnesium, sodium and potassium are favorable to the psychomotor development of the animal. The B9 vitamins present in this food considerably preserve the animal’s red blood cells. Vitamins A and C are also essential for vision, bones, teeth and skin.

Berries/Red Fruit

Known for their antioxidant powers, red berries such as black currant, chokeberry (source of vitamin C), blueberry and acai (source of vitamin E) protect your four-legged friend’s skin, heart and eyes.

Tomato pomace

Tomato pomace or pulp is a mixture of processed tomato peels. Dried or ensiled tomato pomace is mainly used in animal feed.

Rich in proteins, lipids and fibers, tomato pomace is particularly suitable for feeding your dog. Its high content of natural antioxidants and vitamins C and A improve the animal’s vitality.

Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a family of small microscopic fungi that make this natural probiotic an excellent food supplement for dogs. The B vitamins and minerals (zinc, phosphorus and magnesium) offer countless benefits to your pet.

Its hair is preserved, its skin and claws strengthened. Brewer’s yeast reduces the risk of skin allergies, and ensures a good functioning of the immune and nervous systems. The absorption of this food supplement will allow your pet to fight effectively against stress or temporary fatigue.

Herbs and plants: a mix of natural freshness


Spirulina comes from a microscopic blue micro-algae with excellent nutritional properties. It belongs to the cyanobacteria family.

Spirulina strengthens the immune system and is particularly suitable for animals that are convalescing or weakened by an operation or illness. Your animals become more resistant to diseases.

Ideal for sports activities, the vitamins and trace elements of spirulina help your dog to fill up with energy during their very active day. On the other hand, sterilized or sedentary animals will see their appetite naturally regulated thanks to the nutrients present in the food product.

Spirulina also helps your elderly pet, suffering from arthritis or joint pain by strengthening its bones and cartilage: calcium, phosphorus and vitamin K. Finally, vitamin B helps to beautify the natural coat: your pet will find shiny and silky hair, which it will lose less and less.


Yucca is a plant from America, found especially in Mexico and the southern United States. The extracts of Yucca Schidegera is recommended in case of coprophagia. This pathology more frequent in dogs than cats consists in ingesting their own excrements.

Yucca acts in the intestines of the animal, modifies the odor of its excrements which then become inedible for him. In addition, this aromatic plant helps control excessive flatulence.

Green Tea

Green tea is well known for its protective properties and its numerous antioxidants. The same is true for our pets. It reduces the appearance of cancerous and cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, protects neurons and fights against cellular aging.


Some herbs help keep your pet in good shape. For example, basil is a perfect antioxidant to include in your pet’s diet. It helps to fight against cold, viruses, bacteria… It also relieves arthritis problems in dogs.

Rosemary contains vitamin B6, iron and calcium, an ideal cocktail for your pet’s brain, body and muscles.

Parsley and mint are aromatic herbs that are effective for animal health: they effectively relieve stomach aches, improve transit while freshening your dog’s breath.

Ginger (to be given in small quantities) confers convincing medicinal properties: an inexhaustible source of energy, it is reputed to prevent cancerous diseases.

Food oils: a vital essence

Flaxseed oil / flaxseed

Flaxseed oil or flaxseed are top-of-the-line, 100% natural food supplements. A source of omega and fiber, flaxseed is an oilseed with essential fatty acids.

Thus, flaxseed supports healthy skin and a shiny coat, healthy joints, a strong immune system, good kidney function and optimal digestion.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a vegetable fat from the fresh and tasty coconut. Its natural coconut-scented extracts are perfect as a balm to soften the skin, relieve itching or soothe your dog’s paw pads. In the diet, coconut oil strengthens the animal’s body and its energy needs, its digestive system and its liver.

Fish oil

Fish oil is a miracle food with essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Omega 3 is present in the flesh of fish swimming in cold waters. Therefore, the fish oils to choose are salmon, mackerel, herring or sardine oil. Pets love their particular odors and flavors.

Fish oil, enriched with fatty acids and omega 3, promotes healthy skin and hair in animals. Its healing and anti-inflammatory powers are remarkably effective. Its immune system, its cerebral and cardiovascular functions, and its fertility are durably reinforced.

Grape seeds

Grape seed oil is a food oil for dogs and cats with purifying and diuretic virtues, as it helps to drain the liver. Grape seeds are often mixed with fish oil for better nutritional effectiveness.

If your pet suffers from arthritis or rheumatism, its vitamin E potential will likely provide daily relief.

Seeds and spices: a magic potion


Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a spice that we like to use to spice up our dishes. Its active ingredients (curcumin) reveal a powerful anti-inflammatory that relieves osteoarthritis in dogs or painful joints. Dedicated to senior dogs in particular, this spicy plant alleviates disorders related to old age: neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s) and cardiovascular diseases, chronic and digestive pain, and cancer prevention.


From a small leguminous plant rich in phosphorus, Fenugreek seed stimulates the neurons and strengthens the muscles of your pet. In addition to regulating the appetite and weight of your faithful companion, Fenugreek helps fight infections and respiratory or skin inflammations.

It can be combined with turmeric, ginger and spirulina to obtain better health benefits for your pet.


Made from the fruit of the rose hip (wild rose), rose hip is very rich in vitamins. Its preventive and curative properties will arouse your curiosity. This natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supports the immune system of your pet. It is used to prevent the symptoms of arthritis, respiratory diseases, cancer, diabetes. It also fights against degenerative diseases and improves the overall fitness of your pet due to the high content of vitamins and minerals.

Superfood kibbles dedicated to large, sensitive dogs

Feeding your dog the right food is of the utmost importance for its health and well-being on a daily basis.

If you own large dogs, they will need reinforcement of their cartilage. The presence of chondroprotectors, glucosamine and chondroitin strengthen their joints. What are they used for? The chondroprotector is a substance that protects the cartilage of the joints, indicated in the treatment of arthrosis.

The combination of Fenugreek, Rosehip and Spirulina forms a protective ale around your pet. What is it used for? Fenugreek is mainly used as a mineralizing agent in case of iron deficiency and/or weakening due to nutritional deficiency. Rosehip will be an excellent complement to accompany the growth of large breed dogs! It is recommended in case of a “loss of form” and is a general tonic, a powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant due to its vitamin C content. Spirulina preserves the skin and coat of the dog, fights against aging, facilitates recovery after exercise, improves digestion, purifies the blood, fights microbes and tartar, prevents diseases related to vision, and has anti-cancer properties.

Find highly assimilable hypoallergenic kibbles that prevent and reduce digestive and skin disorders related to a conventional or non-adapted diet.

Choosing a quality food with specific benefits deserves all our attention. Also, a classic diet can be enhanced with natural nutrients or supplements. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants… a vital synergy that invigorates the health of your faithful pet every day.