Spring is here, I relaunch my pond

Here we are! Spring is finally here and, thanks to it, beautiful long days with pleasant temperatures are beginning to appear.
Your ornamental pond having been running at a slower pace during the winter, it is high time for a well-deserved spring cleaning so that plants and fish can live and develop in an aesthetic and balanced environment.

Cleaning the pond

Start by first cleaning the pond itself by removing all debris from the surface of the pond with a landing net. This may be leaves, grass or unwanted algae.
In order to remove as much sludge as possible from the bottom of the pond, you can use a dedicated vacuum cleaner.

It is also important to take care of the aquatic plants in your pond by removing dry stems and dead leaves. The goal? To give them the maximum amount of light and make sure that the newly formed stems can grow properly without hindrance.
You can also choose to remove, move or thin out plants that have overgrown and this is the ideal time to add new varieties.

If the water in your pond seems difficult to catch, you can replace some of it. The ideal ratio for an effective result without disrupting the existing ecosystem is to remove approximately ⅓ of the pond water volume. Above all, do not empty the entire pond except in extreme cases of extreme necessity (polluted or extremely dirty water that has caused the death of fish and plants).

Finally, you can then introduce bacteria that will allow you to regain and maintain the proper balance of your water.

Maintenance and restarting of appliances

As soon as the water in the pool has reached a temperature of 10°C, it is time to restart the maintenance devices such as pump, water jet, fountain and filtration system, which have been cleaned and cleared of any impurities that could affect their operation.
When restarting the filtration system, use heterotrophic bacteria (or starter bacteria) to increase its immediate effectiveness tenfold and reduce the frequency of cleaning during the season.

The reappearance of the sun also rhymes with the appearance of algae. In order to prepare yourself and prevent this phenomenon, remember to control your UV filter.

Pamper your pond fish

On sunny days, your fish that have been sleeping at the bottom of your pond will come to the surface to take advantage of the mild temperatures and the sun’s rays.

As soon as the fish show signs of activity again, feed them a seasonally adapted diet: to recover gently from the winter and regain energy in order to prepare for the summer season. You can also give them food supplements such as liquid vitamins to help them regain their vitality and strengthen their immune system.

After winter, fish also tend to be more sensitive to parasites and bacteria. Monitor them and give them appropriate treatment if necessary.

Once the spring cleaning is done, the fauna and flora of your pond are ready to regain beauty and balance.
Finally, make sure to regularly check the quality of the water with the help of test kits that allow you to quickly and simply estimate the level of the parameters essential to its balance, and then, if necessary, make corrections with treatment products.