Simple and indispensable: helping the birds of the sky in winter

Every year the winter season promises to be a real ordeal for the birds of the sky who struggle to find water and food in this sleeping nature. In order to give them a little help before the arrival of spring, anyone can set up some very simple and inexpensive things, but which are very important to them. Zoomalia is particularly keen to make you aware of the importance of winter feeding for the birds of the sky.

Why help the birds of the sky in winter?

In the city as well as in the country, winter is a harsh season rhyming with low and frozen temperatures and, depending on the region, with snow. Birds that usually find their food in the ground experience great difficulties during this period. The presence of food such as seeds, berries or insects is poor and almost impossible to access. Trees, which usually take refuge in a cosy nest, do not help them either.

Birds in need of food lose a lot of weight and are weakened. Our help is therefore welcome.

Also, having feeding areas for the birds is also a unique way to observe them in their natural environment, during their meal. To see them waving around the fat ball in order to be able to revel in some seeds, to eat with pleasure in a feeder… Near the houses, the most frequently observed birds are chickadees, sparrows, robins, blackbirds or finches.

How to help them?

The beginning of the winter feeding period for birds is, of course, not the same in every region. Ideally, it should start as soon as the first frosts, as soon as the birds begin to have difficulties feeding, and should end in early spring.

No need to have big means to feed the birds! You can get fat balls at a very low price! These are balls formed from fat, flour and various seeds such as sunflower. In order to be able to deposit them, each ball is dressed with a thin net. Very rich and nourishing, it is advisable to hang several of them on tree branches here and there in your garden or to hang some on your balcony. You can also opt for several feeders filled with a mixture of seeds. Some birds such as sparrows prefer food placed on the ground, but beware of predators, especially cats if you have any.

Also think about offering them water, but be careful, only a few centimeters in a high bowl and renew it as often as necessary.

In conclusion, the birds of the sky need us more than ever during this difficult season in order to feed themselves and approach each day more serenely, knowing that they can find the comfort of a good meal at home. So think of them!