Properly equip your dog for walking

With good weather comes the time for longer and longer walks. In addition to enjoying the good weather and pleasing your faithful companion, this is a unique opportunity to spend time together and share a beautiful moment of complicity and happiness. Also, in order to take advantage of this nice break and to make it rhyme with comfort and safety, it is necessary to equip your dog well, especially if the walk takes place in a public place or in town where keeping on a leash is mandatory.

Dog collar or harness?

In order to hold your dog, a collar or harness is necessary to attach the leash.

The collar is a simple and basic accessory to place around your dog’s neck. The leash is then connected to the animal using the clip on the accessory.
It has a definite advantage because it is available in many colors and allows the identification of the dog through the wearing of a tag or the simple product. It is also perfect to accustom a puppy to wearing it for future walks.
However, it is not recommended for walking, especially for large dogs. The dog’s posture is exercised in only one place, which makes it difficult for the owner to control the dog and which encourages the animal to pull.
The collar is attached around the neck and when the dog pulls, the pressure is applied directly to the neck, where the cervical and tracheal muscles are located. Respiratory discomfort is then caused and, in the event of strong traction, this can even injure the dog. Friction can also cause irritation.

The traditional harness has many advantages and is particularly recommended for dogs with a tendency to pull or for learning to walk on a leash.

Unlike the collar, the harness, which is very encompassing, is placed around the animal’s body and can be put on by the legs or by the head. The attachment is very often at the level of the back where the pressure is perfectly distributed over the whole body and therefore does not cause any particular discomfort in case of strong traction. The wide and all-encompassing nature of the product also allows owners to hold the animal perfectly if necessary. It also gives the dog great freedom of movement.
Nevertheless, be careful to choose a harness size that is perfectly adapted to avoid the risk of leakage if it is too big or discomfort or even injury if it is too small.

Which leash should I choose for my dog?

The leash should be selected according to the breed, the size and the character of your dog. For example, a dog that is feisty or difficult to hold should logically not be walked with a long leash.

When learning how to walk on a leash, a medium length leash should be preferred at the beginning in order to give the dog freedom, but at the same time be controlled.

The retractable leash gives the dog a great deal of freedom and can be used both short and long to give your faithful companion more space. Very thin, they are particularly suitable for small and medium sized dogs.

The steel leash is particularly suitable for large dogs and/or dogs with strength. It is then essential to prefer a robust material.

Finally, the nylon leashes are suitable for all types of dogs and are available in a wide range of colors, to the delight of the owner!