Preparing for your kitten’s arrival at home

You wanted it so much and here it is soon at home! Whether it’s an adoption from a shelter or an acquaintance, your kitten will be here soon! Many questions assail you: how can you best welcome him so that he immediately feels “at home” and safe? What food to introduce him? What accessories? What toys? For kitten week, We tell you everything you need to know to help your kitten get to the top!

Adapting your home before welcoming your kitten

Create areas for your kitten

First of all, be sure to organize your home by offering essential things in specific areas (read: organizing areas for my cat in my home). Make sure that these items are clearly visible when she arrives: litter box, meal zone with water/kibbles, basket, cat tree…

Concerning the food, choose croquettes adapted to his age in order to ideally meet all the particular needs that his young age implies: the food must be rich in proteins and fats, well digestible, offer a perfect calcium/phosphorus ratio in order to guarantee good growth, etc…

Finally, think of proposing to him, scratching post, as well as many games. The lively and curious kitten only asks to play and to be active!

The dangers that await the kitten

It is important to insist on this point: a kitten is curious. Thus, he will not hesitate to nibble what seems interesting, jump everywhere etc…

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, remember to store your valuables that could break in the path of this small bulldozer!

Just like for a child, it is advisable to put dangerous products such as household products or medicines high up. Also, many house plants can be toxic for cats: yucca, arum, lily of the valley, ficus, Christmas plants… If you plan to acquire a new piece of greenery for your home, remember to find out beforehand about its possible toxicity.

Also remember not to leave small objects lying around that could arouse his curiosity and that could be dangerous once ingested: small pieces of plastic, garbage twine, elastic …

Finally, for more safety, try to hide and put out of reach the electrical wires so as not to risk electrocution if your kitten should chew on them.

How to behave on D-Day?

After the transport, put the cage on the floor, open it and let him go out by himself. It is possible that he may take a little time because he is impressed by this foreign environment, but above all, don’t rush things. Once out, your kitten will move around to get acquainted with its new territory. Take the opportunity to show him where his litter box is located (why not by scraping a little sand in order to call him) as well as his water/kibble eating area.

Introduce him to all the family members who will have to behave calmly and patiently. Warn the children not to shout or get agitated abruptly so as not to frighten the newcomer.

For a smooth arrival, consider using the Pheromone Dispenser to give your kitten a feeling of well-being and security, making her adaptation more serene.

In conclusion, welcoming a kitten into your home is a unique and touching event that should be well prepared in order to guarantee a good acclimatization. Above all, remember that you must show a lot of gentleness and tenderness, your kitten will return it to you well the following days, once it is used to your presence.