Prepare the winterization of your garden pond in the fall

Your garden pond is the centerpiece of your outdoor space during the summer months, thanks in particular to proper and diligent maintenance. So, to preserve it at best during winter, it is important to prepare it well beforehand in order to protect your plants and fish from cold temperatures, even negative.

Your pond

During the fall, “dead leaves are picked up by the shovel”. It is therefore essential to properly maintain your pond and to rid it of dead leaves and other impurities that could cover the plants, the water and its surroundings. To avoid having to repeat the operation after this major cleaning, protect your pond by covering it with a net.

Then, when temperatures start to drop and your fish stop feeding, turn off and clean all your equipment (filter, pump…).

Finally, in the face of the first risk of winter, frost, it is essential to protect your water by placing an anti-frost device, such as floats or a bell.

Your plants

The care of your plants depends on their nature. Some plants will die naturally, others will go dormant, while others will only survive if they are protected from the cold until spring.
Water lilies, for example, should be removed from the pond before the first frost to be kept indoors in a pond or aquarium.

Your fish

Except for extreme temperatures, pond fish survive the winter by adopting a particular rhythm. As soon as it gets cooler, it is important to reduce their food intake in order to prepare them, before stopping feeding altogether.

Once the winter is over, you will be able to find your pond in superb condition for the arrival of the good weather.