Pigs: they are as smart as dogs (or even smarter)!

Pigs are often looked down upon. It is difficult not to be aware of their operating conditions with all the information updated by different associations. Pigs are among the most intensively bred in France, and their overloading can cause various forms of pollution. In Brittany, for example, it is following a pig farm that the very toxic green algae appeared. Very often bred for our consumption, we don’t however realize the capacities that these animals can have.

An animal as intelligent as a dog

The pig is an animal very close to our pets. It is as intelligent as a dog, if not more so. Being an animal known for its flesh, it is not often studied in the scientific field. However, several experiments have been done on the different intellectual capacities of the pig.

There are a large number of online videos where you can see pigs practicing nesting exercises designed for young children. Surprisingly, they often manage to put the right shapes back in the right places.

Another common experience is the use of a mirror. A mirror is set up so that you can see a food bowl on the other side of a wall. The pig is able to understand the reflection of the mirror by recognizing itself and understanding perspectives. The pig is able to go around the wall to access the food. In addition to this experience, we can see in the following video different tests performed by young children and also passed by the pig.

Different studies have been carried out on these animals and show that it is a species that learns remarkably fast and accurately. There is even a study that was carried out in Pennsylvania with the famous Hamlet pig, the latter succeeding in using a computer type machine.

The pig is cuddly!

Many people are unaware of all the characteristics that pigs can have. They are empathetic and, like many other species, can be attached to their peers and other animals with which they live. As affectionate as dogs, they are very sociable and cuddly animals! Moreover, they are very playful and attentive to what is expected of them. They also have an excellent memory.

In a video in the internet, we can see a domestic pig putting away its toys. A situation that is both cute and remarkable, because we don’t expect an attitude like this from an animal! This proves once again that, although we underestimate their companionship and intelligence, pigs have all the qualities of our dog friends, even more!

A clean animal in spite of preconceived ideas

Unlike cats, dogs or rabbits, it is very rare to be allergic to pigs. Moreover, they are not dirty animals, as we tend to believe. It is their breeding conditions that do not allow these animals to be really clean.

In reality, they are rather neat animals that have a food corner and a toilet corner. However, like many other animals, such as horses for example, they can roll around in dirt or mud to protect themselves from insects, but also from the heat.

With the place that pigs occupy in today’s society, it is hard to imagine having a pig as a pet. However, this animal has all the qualities required to be a faithful companion for mankind. Surprising, intelligent, resourceful, cuddly or playful, we still have a lot to learn about this resourceful animal.