Outdoor enclosure: make your rabbit happy!

You have a rabbit or a domestic rodent and you want to let it enjoy the outdoors? To be placed in a corner of greenery, the outdoor rabbit enclosure is a simple and practical product to allow your pet to benefit from safe outdoor access.

Why should you offer your rabbit a pen?

The rabbit pen is a unique product allowing your pet to enjoy the outdoors without constraints. He can move freely and safely within a defined space without risk. It is an essential product especially if your rabbit lives in an apartment without outside access.

It allows him to exercise and eat fresh grass, a food they love and very good for his health, because it is rich in essential nutrients.

You can also arrange the space with games, shelter, a water bowl and food, for long hours of fun in the sun without boredom!

How does the rabbit pen work?

First of all, there are different types of products: the flexible nylon pen and the metal pen.

The flexible enclosure is a practical, light and very easy to move. Simple to put in place, it can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The most popular enclosure among rodent owners is the metal enclosure. Ultra secure, it has sturdy metal bars that are resistant to weather conditions and your rabbit’s teeth!
Easy to assemble, it offers your rabbit a large area of greenery that can be completely modular by adding a second enclosure.
This product also offers a roof, often a net or a tarp, to protect your rodent from predators and the sun and provide a pleasant shady spot to avoid heat stroke.