My rabbit is shy: what to do?

The rabbit is one of the favorite pets. Gentle, sociable and playful, it can however happen that your companion is shy. And it’s quite normal: in nature, the rabbit is a prey, so your little animal has kept its primary instinct and expresses it through fear. So how can you help your best friend to stop being afraid of you and thus establish a harmonious and trusting relationship between you? Discover the reasons why your rabbit is afraid and what solutions you can consider to fix the situation.

My rabbit is shy: why?

Your little friend hides at the slightest noise, is afraid as soon as he sees you make a move, or runs away from children? There are several reasons why he may behave this way. First of all, we must not forget the nature of the rabbit, which in its wild state is a prey. It is therefore in its nature to be so. But it is also an adventurous, playful and very social animal. So if your pet shows fear, there is a reason. This may be due to its previous living environment: pet store rabbits, for example, have often lived in crowded conditions and may have been jostled by other rabbits, especially during feeding time, which may subsequently cause stress, fear and anxiety.

In other cases, if the animal has been abandoned by its previous owner or even mistreated for the most unfortunate, it is normal that the animal is afraid of humans. Fortunately, there are solutions to tame your little companion and establish a real relationship of trust within the home.

What solutions?

First of all, it is important to remember that when you adopt a new companion in your home, it is essential to provide a space just for him. If your rabbit is shy, it is even more important for him to have his own territory, so that he feels at home. Your rabbit should have a large, high cage, set up like a burrow, where it will feel safe. In its cage, don’t hesitate to build a hiding place or a small hut where it can take refuge if it feels the need, like in a burrow. It will then feel safe to observe the world around it and the inhabitants of the home and quietly get used to your presence.

If your rabbit is shy, it is important not to rush him, to let him get used to you: speak to him gently, in a calm voice, without making sudden gestures. Explain to him in a soft voice that he has nothing to fear, and don’t hesitate to stroke him on the head and offer him a treat. The important thing is not to rush him if he doesn’t want to get out of his cage, if he doesn’t want you to pet him and if he backs away from you. The secret is to give him time to get used to all the members of the household, to all the surrounding noises such as the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine or the slamming doors. Some animals get used to it in a few days, others in a few weeks and others need more time!

In short, plan a space just for your rabbit, install him in a place where he can see you but which is also quiet so that he can take his naps in peace, talk to him gently and reassure him, offer him treats without abusing them and give him lots of love!