My first goldfish aquarium

The goldfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular fish coming straight from another continent… from Asia and China. It is a very sociable fish, which lives in a community. Omnivorous and robust, the goldfish is probably the easiest aquatic animal to raise. To accommodate it properly, it is essential to choose a suitable goldfish aquarium, as well as essential equipment.

Which goldfish aquarium to choose?

We begin this article with a piece of information for everyone: don’t lock your fish in a jar!

The goldfish aquarium should at least contain a volume of 10 to 40 liters per adult fish.

Substrate, plants, lighting… Any advice?

It is preferable to opt for coarse gravel or gravel. If you choose to make a planted aquarium, place some soil at the bottom of the goldfish aquarium to accommodate your natural plants.

For the lighting, it’s as simple as that… There is no need to add neon lights or other lighting, just respect the day/night cycle that is essential for the well-being of aquatic animals.

What equipment for my aquarium?

Filtration of the goldfish aquarium is essential. It purifies the water, through various filtering masses to have a tank always clean, with an optimal water quality. Choose the best aquarium filter for your goldfish’s enjoyment!

For artificial tanks, it is necessary to place a bubbler or an aerator, since plants are the source of oxygen production in an aquatic environment.

Don’t forget the water tests (CO2, nitrites…) and to make a nice goldfish aquarium with a surprising decoration.

Now it’s up to you to create your own goldfish aquarium!