My dog’s first aid kit for the vacations

Going on vacation with your furry friend? Here are some great moments in perspective. Do everything you can to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. You need to be responsive if your dog gets sick or injured, no matter where you are. To do this, you need to carefully prepare his first aid kit.

Remedies for minor illnesses

All breeds of dogs are more or less fragile and can get sick at any time. Whether it’s diarrhea, allergy or constipation, always have the right remedy at hand. It’s not cumbersome and will provide immediate relief for your pet.
Take a thermometer with you to check his temperature if he seems a bit under the weather.
Also take along your ear cleaning supplies, Smecta for abdominal pain and clay to protect his intestines in case of diarrhea.

Beware of parasites

On vacation, you’ll probably be walking and swimming quite a bit, and your dog will be along for the ride. Even if you use an anti-parasite product often, be aware that repeated bathing will gradually eliminate its effectiveness. So treat him more frequently than usual and always check his hair when you get back from a walk. Grass is a breeding ground for ticks, which are responsible for many diseases in dogs and humans.

Protect him from the sun

If you are going to a hot region, be aware that your dog will suffer from the heat as much as you do. Don’t cut his hair: contrary to popular belief, it insulates him from high temperatures and protects his skin from the sun’s rays.
But don’t forget to apply sunscreen to sensitive areas such as the ears and nose.
Remember also to take a small spray bottle to cool him down when he gets too hot. Keep it with you at all times, your pet is never safe from sunstroke.