My dog won’t go outside when it rains!

Some dogs don’t like to get their paws wet and prefer to stay dry at home. However, a daily walk, even in rainy weather, is essential for your pet to stretch his legs and do his business. This way, nothing is lost, you can quickly get your dog used to the rain. Discover practical tips to encourage your dog to stop being afraid of the rain!

Don’t lose your enthusiasm

You’re ready to go out for a walk, but your dog doesn’t share your enthusiasm and really doesn’t want to go out and get soaked! So show your enthusiasm and bring along a favorite toy or some treats to motivate him.
Walk quietly, as usual, and even if he starts to cry or freezes in his position, reassure him! Throw the ball, give him some candy and, little by little, his attention will be distracted by something other than the dreaded rain.

If you have a friend or neighbor with a dog that is braver than yours, suggest that they go for a walk together. Seeing that his buddy has no hesitation in running in the rain, your dog will be encouraged and adopt the same behavior.

Think about a raincoat

Often, some dogs are more cautious than others and dread the weather. Knowing the behavior of your faithful companion, you can properly equip him with a waterproof coat in his size to prevent him from getting wet and catching cold. With or without hood, there are many models.