My dog eats too fast!

Your dog finishes his bowl faster than his shadow. Even if his gluttony is not a problem, it can, however, lead to health problems. Fortunately, there are several solutions to help him slow down his food intake. Some are more fun than others, like the anti-gobbling bowl.

Why does my dog eat too fast?

Unlike humans, dogs are possessive of what they eat. He doesn’t want to share it with other dogs, so he rushes to eat his food before he has to share it. This competition may have been accentuated at a young age within the litter. Also, this behavior is amplified when its bowl is placed in a place of passage. In addition, living with other dogs or cats tends to increase this gluttony.

Not all dogs develop this voracious appetite, but it’s important to educate your companion while he’s still a puppy. While this behavior is not dangerous in itself, it is something to watch out for, as it carries risks.

What are the risks?

A dog that eats too quickly does not take the time to chew its food. The consequence of a lack of chewing is poor digestion. The appearance of intestinal disorders is noted. This can result in vomiting, a bloated stomach, and choking.

Indeed, your pet does not take the time to chew, therefore it swallows a lot of air, which inflates its stomach. The major risk is stomach turning, also called stomach torsion. The organs are crushed and your dog has breathing problems. Emergency surgery is necessary. To help him eat properly and slow down his intake of kibble or meat, there are several methods.

How to make him eat slower?

To make your 4-legged friend eat less quickly, different solutions exist. It is important that your doggie is alone and calm when feeding. If you live with several dogs, it is recommended to separate their bowls. To slow him down, the kibble can also be moistened. Another option, which requires availability, is to split his meals in 4 or 5 times during the day.

If, despite proper training and rationing, your dog persists in being voracious, then the dispensing toy or the anti-gobbling bowl is the ideal accessory. Your pet is forced to use patience, intelligence and dexterity to retrieve his kibble or wet food. As a result, his digestion is slowed down. In addition, it improves his chewing and salivation, which cleans his teeth. And, the icing on the cake, this educational bowl makes up for his boredom!

The principle is simple: the container is composed of several obstacles that your dog must pass to be able to eat. Don’t worry! He eats his fill, but it takes him longer!

The anti-slugging bowl is presented under several aspects:

  • a container with obstacles such as spikes, a maze, a course or a central stud;
  • an interactive bowl that allows you to hide the food as you wish;
  • an electronic bowl to weigh and control the daily ration.

The choice of this fun bowl depends on the nature of the dog, especially if your companion needs a lot of activity, but also on your lifestyle. If your pet is alone during the day, it will be occupied by this fun accessory.