Jack Russell puppy: How to train him well?

The Jack Russell dog has won the hearts of so many owners around the world because of its elegance and energy, which makes it the best playmate. In this article, we’ll give you a brief description of the Jack Russell and then share our top tips for training your puppy.

A dynamic and affectionate dog

The Jack Russell originated in the United Kingdom in the 19th century. It is the result of an experimental crossbreeding by Reverend John Jack Russell, who gave his name to this new breed that would become one of the most famous in the world. Originally, this dog was a hunting companion. Its size and character made it an excellent hunter: small and enduring, it is able to go and dislodge game in the underground, in their burrows! Regarding his behavior and character, the Jack Russell is also appreciated for his unwavering affection. However, he can be boisterous, especially by barking easily.

Lively, alert and friendly, they are great family dogs and make great companions for children. Although he is a very intelligent dog, he is not necessarily obedient. A bit provocative and not always attentive, it is necessary to be patient and not to hesitate to stimulate it regularly to educate it well.

Educating a Jack Russell puppy: our 3 tips

Advice n°1: Stimulate him

What master has never dreamed of having a dog that responds to his orders with his finger and his eye? With a Jack Russell it’s possible, but you have to start early and keep one word in mind: stimulation! Your dog will obey you if you create a real complicity with him. For that, don’t lack imagination and propose him games of skill, tracking exercises.

It is also important to favor education over reward. He likes to be stimulated, so don’t hesitate to offer him walks in different places to make him discover new smells, tracks and companions! A stimulated Jack Russell is a Jack Russell who channels his energy. Result: he is more apt to listen to your commands!

Tip #2: Potty train him

Because his metabolism is different from that of an adult Jack Russell, a puppy won’t be able to restrain himself until he’s three months old. However, you can start potty training him as early as two months of age, so he can start learning the right reflexes. Be patient: if you follow these tips, your puppy will be perfectly housetrained within five to six months…

First of all, you must make him understand that he must urinate outside. At the beginning, always take him out to the same place to do his business, and always say the same sentence. Your Jack Russell has a good memory from a very young age, as long as you ritualize his habits. Once he has done his business, reward him. Then, you will have to get him used to holding back.

If at the beginning, you will have to take him out about ten times a day so that he doesn’t dirty your home, as time goes by, you will be able to space out the outings. The objective is to reach 3-4 outings per day at 6 months.

Advice n°3 : Teach him to stay alone

Whether you’re away for work or a weekend, it will quickly become imperative that you teach your puppy to stay home alone and wait for you patiently. Solitude is part of a puppy’s education, and you must pay special attention to it to avoid your puppy showing destructive anxiety as soon as you leave. As you know, many dogs suffer from abandonment syndrome. To avoid this, the best thing is to get your puppy used to staying alone in his basket for a few minutes, then in the garden for an hour, then two…

The important thing is not to ritualize the exercise: vary the times of the day and the places where you leave him alone! This way, your Jack Russell will gradually learn to be patient and will know that no matter how long you wait, you will always come back to him!