Jack Russell: All about him!

The Jack Russell is one of the favorite dogs of the French by its small size and its lively and endearing character. But don’t let yourself be fooled! Underneath his small dog looks, hide the courage, energy and character of a giant!

Where does the Jack Russell come from?

The Jack Russell Terrier, commonly known as the Jack Russell, is a small dog from Great Britain.

Its name comes directly from a famous breeder, the pastor John “Jack” Russell who, in the 19th century, was known to have one of the best lines of Fox-Terrier. The pastor, passionate about hunting foxes, bred these working dogs for this purpose. Very fast and small in size, they could easily slip into the burrows.

There are two types of Russell dogs: the Jack Russell terrier and the Parson Russell terrier. Their difference? Their size, the Parson being bigger than the Jack.

The character of the Jack Russell

First of all, the Jack Russell is a sporty, playful and energetic dog that has a great need to exercise. To do this, he needs an active environment that offers him many walks and a maximum of exercise sessions.

His hunting temperament makes him a very energetic dog and always on the alert, which can easily lead him to bark, dig, chase… If you have an unfenced yard or if you offer him a free area without a leash, be careful because this can lead to runaways.

A real little ball of nerves, this fearless little dog also has a strong character! Very intelligent and curious, this little dog needs a strict education as soon as possible in order to channel him at the risk of seeing him become uncontrollable.
Courageous and sure of himself, he does not hesitate to measure himself against much bigger than him!

Finally, it is a very nice dog and faithful to his family, but beware, it can adopt a possessive and over-protective behavior that can generate some aggressiveness.
Affectionate and friendly, he loves the company of children.

The Jack Russell’s physique

The Jack Russell is considered a small dog. Males and females have a similar physique, they measure between 25 and 30cm for a weight of about 5 to 6 kilos.

Its short semi-permeable hair is very resistant to bad weather and can be of two textures: soft or hard. Its coat is mostly white with some black or fawn spots.

Finally, his small almond-shaped eyes are lively and show all the energy he can show!

The Jack Russell in everyday life

Very active, this dog needs a maximum of exercise and interaction with his family through sports and games. This hyperactive temperament makes it inadvisable for calm or elderly people as a pet.

Also, the Jack will be much more comfortable in the country in a house with plenty of room to run around, rather than in a city apartment.

If you live in an apartment, it is essential to be available and to offer your lively little dog several walks a day at the risk of seeing him develop destructive behavior. He sometimes has trouble accepting solitude…

Even if it is a sporting dog, therefore which spends much, it is also greedy, but without excess! As for the Jack Russell’s diet, be careful with the rations you give him because he can easily gain weight.

If you have other animals such as cats, rodents or birds, beware of the hunting temperament of your little Jack!

The Jack Russell has a short coat and does not have undercoat, so it is subject to a loss of hair more or less abundant and regular over the year. So don’t hesitate to brush him often enough, especially after a walk or a game.

Finally, as for health, like all small dogs, he has a predisposition to dental plaque and tartar, so you must closely monitor his teeth.