Is the cat tree indispensable?

But what is the interest of a cat tree? Our editorial staff is conducting the survey to show you that it is an indispensable accessory for indoor cats, offering a varied range of products, all in one, to meet your pet’s natural needs.

An indispensable accessory for making its claws

Certainly there are some without integrated scratching post, in which case it is more than judicious to buy a cat scratching post separately to avoid breakage.

Otherwise, the designers were very clever with a genius idea: “why not make trunks or platforms directly out of sisal scratching posts? ». Indeed, this way the sharp claws are diverted from the leather sofa and furniture of the house.

Your pet will find it interesting to put its claw parts on the sisal, rather than being given a piece of soap!

An essential accessory to have fun

It’s a complete playground! Between a ball and a plush mouse to catch, a tunnel to sneak through and hunt, a ladder and a rope to climb… Nothing better to have fun. You can find many models, all different, of all sizes and smart cat-tree prices at The more distractions there are, the less your pet will get bored.

If this is the case, extension accessories and spare parts for trees can be added to the tree and bring some novelty.

An essential accessory to keep in shape

And yes, cat trees are great playgrounds, not only for entertaining felines, but also for physical exercise. There are different techniques to make your cat lose weight and the cat tree is one of them.

This indispensable accessory for cats allows you to use up energy and burn fat.

An indispensable accessory for resting

Felines love to camouflage themselves to rest and make the perpetual digestive siesta last. Thus, generally equipped with shelters, small closed houses, cat trees offer relaxing corners essential to their well-being.

If you really want to please your pet, opt for the little extra: “plush covering” for a 100% comfortable nest!

You could say that the tree is an indispensable accessory for cats, bringing together in a single object everything your pet is looking for in an apartment. Between distractions, naps, scratching and hiding places away from all eyes!