I want to play sports with my dog!

It’s official! The beautiful days are coming back and the days are getting longer and longer, enough to boost our motivation, make us want to go out and get back to sport!
If you own a dog, he too can look forward to more frequent and longer walks with you, especially since your furry best friend can also accompany you during your sports activities.

Why do sports with your dog?

Just like humans, physical activity for dogs has multiple benefits for their physical and mental balance. For many canids, it is limited to walks and races in a field or garden. Nevertheless, it can be more advanced.

Sport allows first of all to develop his physical capacities and to maintain his condition in order to prevent health problems. The most common condition in the sedentary or not very active dog is overweight.
Also, sport is particularly recommended for very dynamic dogs that have difficulty in channelling themselves.

Practicing a sport with your dog is also a unique way to socialize him and strengthen his relationship with him through play, education and complicity.

Which sports to practice with him?

First of all, you should make sure that your dog is fit to practice a particular sport.

This is determined according to his weight, age and height. For example, you should avoid overworking a young dog that is growing and whose joints are fragile by offering him a physical activity that is too intense and therefore unsuitable.
All dogs can do sports, it is up to you to evaluate which one by taking into account all of its criteria or get advice from an animal health professional.

Several types of activities are possible: a canine sport, therefore entirely dedicated to your pet, or the practice of your sport where the dog acts as a more or less active companion!

Many canine sports have emerged such as agility, jumping or flyball. These are competitive sports where the education must be solid and the communication between human and dog must be perfect.

Also, it is totally possible to practice usual sports with your dog such as walking, cycling or jogging. In the canine jargon, these are canimarche, canicyclocross and canicross which can also be practiced in competition.

Some instructions to be respected

Above all, the dog must be equipped with suitable equipment that is of high quality, comfortable, robust and that fully ensures its safety.
He must not be hindered in his movements, which in the context of a sport are repetitive, intense and over a long period of time. It is therefore essential that he feels perfectly at ease.
The equipment must also ensure his safety by being perfectly adjusted, thus avoiding running away.

During physical activity, remember to offer him water regularly. In the same spirit, avoid practicing sports just after his meal to ensure good digestion. Also, it is advisable not to practise sport in very hot weather, it is neither good for you nor for your dog.

Finally, the parasite season has begun. Avoid tall grass and woods full of insects. Your dog goes out a lot, so think about a preventive treatment such as a pipette or collar. And, after each walk, examine him to see if there are any ticks.

In conclusion, practicing a sport with your dog has many benefits for his health as well as for the consolidation of your beautiful friendship!