How to take good care of a budgie?

Parakeets are gradually colonizing our homes, and tend to replace Japanese sparrows or canaries. It is certainly for its exoticism that these birds are chosen today. From the parrot family, parakeets enjoy their radiance, even if it is more difficult to teach them to speak. Smaller than parrots, they have inherited many of their attributes, which delight them wonderfully: whether it is its hooked beak, or its brightly colored plumage. There is no doubt then that more and more of us are interested in these birds that make us travel.

Knowing the behavior of the budgie

The parakeet, unlike the parrot, is an animal that can live further away from man. Even if the human presence, for these pets, is necessary, it will do without it more easily than the parrot. Indeed, there is no need to make it exercise every day, or to take it out regularly.

As a gregarious animal, you can easily have several couples living together in the same environment, as long as the dimensions correspond to the needs of each animal.

There are several varieties of parakeets, from the smallest, the wavy parakeet, to the most majestic, the calopsite parakeet, or the kakariki, whose behavior varies greatly. Ask your pet shop or breeder for advice on the behavior of the animal you are considering.

As a general rule, parakeets are quite good-tempered and, unlike parrots, they do not bite out of malice, when they are not satisfied with something, but more out of necessity, when they feel in danger. Their beaks will thus become only a defense. Avoiding sudden movements or stressing your pet will help minimize beaks.

How to choose my budgie?

Even if parakeets are not as intelligent as parrots, they have an excellent learning capacity. You can discover the intelligence of these little birds when you take care of them on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for some people to train parakeets like parrots, making them shoulder birds.

The acquisition of the animal must be done either in a pet shop or from a breeder. You will prefer to buy an animal born in captivity, and knowing man since its birth, rather than an animal that has been taken from its natural habitat.

At the time of purchase, prefer a young animal if you wish to educate it. You will be indifferent to the age if you simply want a pet. However, avoid separating pairs and look at the animals in the aviary. If the animal you want seems to be attached to another one of its fellow creatures, why not take the pair?

Make sure that your pet is in good health when you buy it. Your budgie should have a sparkling eye and bright plumage. Very energetic, a budgie that does not move and remains isolated at the bottom of the cage risks showing signs of illness. On the other hand, a slightly deplumed animal will simply be anxious, and it is possible that this is due to the environment of the pet store. So don’t hesitate to change the environment when choosing this animal.

Which cage should I choose for my budgie?

As we have seen, there is a large number of budgies, and it is necessary to adapt the size of the cage to each one. Parakeets need a lot of exercise, and as long as you haven’t tamed them, it will be difficult to get them out of their cage, while being sure that they will return.

It is difficult to recommend one size or another. It is therefore necessary to adapt to the situation. Since the animal needs to fly and move around, the cage must be large enough to allow this. For example, a rectangular cage (taller than it is wide) will allow your bird to fly, while using its beak to move around. Don’t hesitate to choose a larger cage that your pet will feel comfortable in.

If you plan to acquire one or more pairs of birds, you will have to adapt to their needs. In this case, choose an aviary, which is easier to maintain and much more spacious.

Essential accessories:
In addition to the feeders and drinkers, you will need to install a number of perches so that your bird can enjoy the whole of its cage.

In order for him to do his daily exercise, you can install a number of toys so that he can perform his acrobatics. If you are fond of baths, don’t hesitate to install a small bathtub at the bottom of its cage, which will always be kept clean.

Feeding your budgie

You can easily feed your pet by buying adapted food in a pet store. This food can be supplemented with fortifying pâté that you will give to your animal.

For treats, don’t hesitate to cut up pieces of fruit that you will give them, or even dry bones.