How to raise rabbits?

What a joy to have little bunnies at home every day! Yes, but first of all, a question arises: how to raise rabbits? You have to be aware that it is a long term investment. Here are a few tips for raising rabbits and see our range of products!

How to make a rabbit breeding, for what purpose?

You can raise farm animals, or pets for adoption. Either way, we are talking about taking care of many animals, providing enough space in your garden and devoting a lot of time to their well-being.

Maintenance, cleaning, trips to the vet, restricted vacations, but also passion satisfied, love of animals, fun company… So many parameters to consider before starting a rabbit breeding and devoting time to it.

How to raise domestic rabbits? It’s the choice of good breeding stock!

Now that you are aware of your commitment, we can get to the heart of the matter! To start breeding rabbits you need pedigree breeders. It is preferable to designate pure breed breeders, since hybrids will be bigger, with big ears and an atypical morphology and generally more difficult to adopt (if you are engaged in breeding animals for companionship). For a beautiful litter of bunnies, however, it is essential to choose rabbits with appreciated genes and colors.

One must know the genetic origin (breeding, parents…) to guarantee a healthy litter that will age without problems.

This research can be difficult, but is essential to guarantee healthy bunnies that are easy to adopt or breed later on.

How to raise rabbits and guarantee quality food?

The life of a rabbit breeding farm is not a restful one! For the daily condition and fitness of the animals, it is important to provide them with a healthy and balanced diet.

The females, in gestation or nursing, will ask for an enriched food and lots of vegetables and fruits, favouring lactation.

As for the babies, in addition to breast milk, they will want a complete diet, for their good development.

It is necessary to make sure that the water bowls are constantly filled and the hay, always in important consistency.

The more animals you have, the more care must be taken with the grain! Go to our range of seeds and other rodent food and make your choice!

How do you raise rabbits with a well-strung pen?

To welcome your new inhabitants, you will need a suitable surface, essential for their well-being and the feeling of freedom.

There are different rabbit hutches, closed to protect them from predators. The outdoor enclosure will allow you to stretch your legs after the “hutch break”. Be careful, you will not be able to put several animals in the same space, because these animals do not tolerate cohabitation well.

Install the rack for the hay, the food bowl, the bedding, the water bottle and the bedding inside your enclosure.

A daily maintenance to raise your rabbits!

The more companions you have, the more cleaning hours will accumulate! Some will be cleaner than others, but in any case, all will have fun chewing the bars of the hutch with their big teeth.

Wooden hutches will require a specific treatment of the wood, such as a renewal of exterior paint and varnish, for a long-lasting home.

Concrete houses, on the other hand, will tend to rust the wire mesh doors. They will then have to be treated and repainted.

Perfect health and hygiene for a good rabbit farm

Your small animals are fragile and sensitive beings. Small sores, diseases, contagions, pathologies, malformations, ageing… You will become an outstanding caregiver!

The choice of the breeder, as we said before, is essential to avoid all genetic pathologies or growing malformations.

Warning: some small breeds (such as the dwarf) can make litters of double offspring (twins), but unfortunately, one of them will not survive!

A proven fact: the stress of the rabbit! At birth, cannibalism in rabbits towards their young can be very stressful for the breeder who has struggled to find a good breeder, organize the mating and pamper these young.

No more vacations for breeders

If you commit to starting a rabbit farm, you are putting your annual vacation behind you for lack of a competent and available replacement. And yes, your small tribe requires daily maintenance, with plenty of hay, complete food and fresh water in the summer.

It’s a daily commitment!

An early retirement of the breeders, but well deserved!

Unfortunately, with age your animals will become infertile and as you will no longer be, as at the beginning, to start breeding rabbits, you will certainly have to part with a few companions. Indeed, your population will reach its acceptance threshold. Adoption will then be a good alternative!

We end up by the adoption of the babies…

Prepare yourself well in advance to guarantee an easy adoption of your little bunnies. It is necessary to guarantee a pedigree of pure race and to be able to inform the parents. Even with all these elements, disappointments are common: withdrawals and abandonment of the animal.

But in most cases, even if you can never predict the behavior of the new foster family, your bunny will live in good conditions and with a lot of love for a baby.