How to raise an angora rabbit?

How to raise a dwarf angora rabbit? What do you need to know about this species? How to participate in its hygiene? What accessories to use for its well-being? Discover the tips and tricks to raise a dwarf angora rabbit at home!

A little sweetness of character!

Adopting an angora dwarf rabbit means bringing a lot of sweetness to your daily life. Indeed, this breed of rabbit has a very soft and cuddly character, which reflects its appearance of a living plush.
With very long hairs (up to 20 cm) that grow continuously, its fine and very soft fur makes it a very appreciated pet.
This breed of small rabbit maintains impeccable hygiene. If its hair is not silky, your small animal will pull out the hairs and swallow them. It may be subject to cold or heat stroke. Its skin is very fine and sensitive.

A daily maintenance for a dream coat

You will have understood it… Welcoming an angora dwarf rabbit requires special care from the very first months of its life. The undercoat will take some time before becoming a beautiful, soft and definitive fur.
The very long and felted hairs, require daily care with untangling and brushing, to guarantee him a dream fur! Ask your veterinarian for advice, as shearing this new pet may be a solution to facilitate the maintenance and hygiene of your small animal.

Essential accessories for the hygiene of your dwarf angora rabbit

To participate in the hygiene of your favorite rabbit, you will need :

  • An adapted comb, as well as a brush, to untangle knots and remove dead hairs.
  • Natural oils for hair and sensitive skin care.
  • A pair of pliers to cut the claws, if your little companion lives with you, indoors.

You will also need to choose a rabbit cage, as well as a varied diet for the well-being of your Exotic Pet.