how to raise a rabbit in an apartment?

The rabbit is an animal that is easy to tame and can live in a small space. But then… How to raise a rabbit in an apartment? Follow our few tips to raise a rabbit in an apartment and find our article “” for rabbit farming enthusiasts.

Welcoming a rabbit in an apartment, some information to know

It is strongly advised to adopt a young rabbit after weaning (around 3 months), to get it immediately used to its life as a rabbit in an apartment.

The rabbit is a diurnal creature and leads an eventful night life with multiple meals, drumming and gnawing on the bars.

At first, the animal must be allowed to get used to its large cage and make its marks. Later, you can give it a little more freedom, always under supervision. This way, you will avoid gnawed furniture and small surprises everywhere!

A cage adapted for a rabbit in an apartment

The cage must be large enough to provide two spaces: a cozy nest with food and the other for the small corner.

Waterproof and solid, with rounded and raised edges, the cage is meant to be anti-projection and anti-leakage, so as not to flood your home.

Prefer an airy space, since box odours are very present in rodents. It will be necessary to regularly clean the crate and use deodorizers to eliminate strong odors.

During non-surveillance hours, the crate becomes a safe burrow for your rabbit in an apartment.

A variety of quality food for a rabbit in an apartment

It is necessary to bring a balanced and complete food. A rabbit in an apartment does not have parasitic and bacterial diseases, unlike farm rabbits that are victims, however, food can be a source of trouble.

So, vary the menus between hay, regrowth, mixed mix, vegetables and fruits, to guarantee your rabbit in an apartment, a good health of iron, throughout his life.