how to raise a Flemish Giant rabbit?

Today, the Flemish Giant rabbit is an endangered breed! Some owners would like to know to save the species. But before embarking on this beautiful adventure, one must first of all know the animal, to be able to raise a Flemish Giant rabbit. Here are some indications about the character of our protagonist…

A Flemish Giant rabbit: it’s a rabbit like any other, XXL version!

Originally from Belgium, the Flemish Giant rabbit is considered as the biggest rabbit in the world and for a long time bred in farmyards for its flesh.

Nowadays, we fall under the spell, so we raise it as a pet.

In spite of its imposing morphology, the giant remains a rabbit like the others, with XXL needs: more food, more space, more tenderness…

Flemish Giant rabbit: it is a rabbit with an artichoke heart!

Beneath his robust, big and well-structured rabbit looks, with huge ears, lies a very emotional being, who constantly demands attention.

Its eyes are soft and always between your paws… He seeks your tenderness to receive caresses and hugs every day. The giant will bear loneliness badly.

Very stressed by nature and heart, raising a giant rabbit of Flanders requires calm and serenity. We advise you not to make him cohabit with small children.

A Flemish Giant rabbit: it’s like raising a dog or a cat!

It will celebrate when you come home from work, will jump around during its crazy moments, will be very happy to go out for a breath of fresh air, will be noticed for having a little tenderness… And yes, it is a pet like any other: playful, curious, who still needs some fresh air!

With such a good character, why not take the plunge and raise a Flemish Giant rabbit at home!