How to raise a dwarf ram rabbit?

How to raise a dwarf ram rabbit? Find all our advice on how to “raise” your dwarf rabbit (character, behavior and education). If you wish to have several animals, then go to our article!

A dwarf ram rabbit: an endearing pet

Come and discover the characteristics of the dwarf rabbit… It is a small animal, with large drooping ears and soft fur. He is very appreciated for his company. Like most animals, the dwarf ram rabbit is only waiting for one thing: to be taken care of!

The looks, the caresses, the cuddles, the games… You can share a lot of things with your little companion. With this breed of dwarf ram rabbit, trust is quickly built up. But beware, do not leave him alone and locked without distractions in his cage, in this case, he will become aggressive. It is a very active animal that needs freedom and play.

An intelligent and expressive pet

Endowed with a remarkable intelligence, the dwarf ram rabbit, for example, recognizes its name.

Very expressive, he will use his ears and the different parts of his body to communicate with you :

  • He will position himself on his hind legs to observe his surroundings and satisfy his curiosity.
  • He will flatten himself on the ground and lie down to fully appreciate the caresses.
  • Wiggle his ears back and forth to listen attentively to what is going on around him.
  • Throw himself to the side, lie down or roll over to express his calmness.
  • Strikes the ground with his hind legs to announce danger.
  • Pull his ears back and growl to show dissatisfaction and bad mood.

The ram rabbit will love to run, play, pounce and rest in your company.

Raising, his dwarf ram rabbit, with a basic education

You will have to teach him to listen, to have some order in the house. Call him, tell him “no” firmly, to forbid him certain things… Your little companion will understand. If the simple “no” is not enough, whistle or clap your hands to make him react.

Then, learning how to litter. Alternate living in its cage (with litter) and freedom in the habitat. Catch him in the act and say “no” without violence, then put him back in his cage. Repeat the experience and your dwarf rabbit will relieve himself in his litter, once the learning process is successful.