How to protect your home against fleas?

After a long winter season, spring is finally here! And if this beautiful season is the harbinger of beautiful days, it is also synonymous with the return of external parasites, namely, for the most common, ticks, fleas or lice. A rather mixed happiness for you and your pet, which risks to be quickly infested if you do not act with antiparasitic products. And when your dog or female dog becomes infested, it is bound to infest its environment, and therefore your home. Follow our advice to protect your pet and your family during this critical period.

What is the point of protecting your home?

When an animal is infested by parasites, the latter do not stay in its coat, because they call upon it only to feed. While waiting for their next meal, the pests lodge in its environment. Thus, it is important to know that once your animal is contaminated, 90% of the parasites settle in your home!

These parasites are not all mature and able to bite your pet. They can also be eggs or larvae that will develop into adults that will then infect your pet. Then, these same parasites will reproduce, lay eggs, etc… An endless cycle of contamination…

To avoid this, it is necessary to set up a shock procedure for a maximum effectiveness, namely, to couple the treatment of the animal and the treatment of the habitat. At the beginning of the parasite season, you can, at first, opt for natural products with a repulsive effect. Treating your dog or female dog with appropriate anti-parasite products will deter parasites that might try to lodge in its coat to feed on its blood.
At the same time, it is advisable to complete this action by protecting your home with specific repellent antiparasitic products for the home.

What should you do if parasites have settled in your home?

Despite all your efforts to protect your pet and your family, parasites have nevertheless managed to find their way into your home and have settled there? It is then necessary to act quickly, especially since these pests are small, reproduce very quickly and often live in places that are difficult to access.

It is no longer a question of prevention, but of curative shock treatments in order to eliminate the pests and avoid their development as quickly as possible.

First of all, you must do a complete cleaning of your home. Also, your pet’s bedding must be machine washed. It is necessary to be very vigilant as well as to have an irreproachable hygiene until total disappearance of the parasites.

You can then use two products specifically dedicated to the: the spray diffuser and the anti-flea fumigant.

First of all, both have an insecticidal purpose, that is to say, to kill the parasites, whatever their stage of development: eggs, larvae or adults. This feature is essential because it allows to kill mature parasites already present in the habitat and to avoid reinfestations by making impossible the growth of immature parasites.

The diffuser is a spray to be sprayed in places where pests are installed, such as in upholstery, between floorboards, etc… It is a product with a targeted and localized action.
As for the fogger or fumigant, it guarantees an extra large efficiency to which no parasite resists. It is placed in the center of a room in the infested environment and is diffused in the smallest nooks and crannies in order to eliminate all the parasites. It is therefore particularly recommended in the case of a heavy infestation.

Finally, don’t forget to treat your pet with an anti-parasite collar or pipette.

In short, to be really effective in the long term, it is mandatory that the treatment of your dog or female dog be accompanied by a treatment of the habitat, and vice versa.