How to protect your dog from the heat?

In summer or during hot weather, it is essential to offer your dog solutions to cool him down. Just like humans, he suffers from high temperatures, especially since he cannot evacuate heat through perspiration. He therefore needs help to regulate his internal temperature and to feel good, even when the mercury reaches its peak.
For his well-being during the summer, we share with you a selection of ultra-cooling products and accessories and give you some simple but essential tips to follow.

Products to adopt during the summer to cool your dog

The water fountain for dogs

This is an essential product to provide your pet with fresh and healthy water.

The water fountain is particularly recommended for dogs that drink or during the hot seasons because the moving water attracts his curiosity and encourages him to drink.

Moreover, the water does not stagnate and is constantly renewed. The filter treats the water and captures dust and debris so that your pet always has perfectly clean water.

The refreshing mattress

With the look of a classic mat, its comfort invites your dog to take nice naps or simply rest, but it has an additional advantage: a cooling option.

Operating without water, cold or electricity, the refreshing function of this cool mat is made possible by a specific material in the heart of the mattress. The contact with the dog’s body triggers the cooling action.

It can be placed directly on the ground or even in a transport cage when a movement must be made.

Finally, this product is available in several sizes to suit all dogs.

Refreshing clothes

To be placed around your dog’s neck, cooling collar and bandana contain an active cooling gel that provides a delicious cool feeling in case of heavy heat while giving your pet a trendy look!

The dog pool

Garden or terrace owners will certainly be able to keep their dogs happy with a specially dedicated swimming pool for their refreshment.

It is an ideal way to refresh your dog quickly and efficiently while allowing him to play with water or why not, some floating dog toys.
Identical to a small pool for humans, it is made of sturdy material, has small ledges and a basin to hold water. Its dimensions are suitable for swimming all dogs, even the biggest ones.

Just a few centimeters of water is enough to cool down and let your pet off steam for a fun and safe swim!

Easy to assemble and disassemble, this foldable product takes up little space and can be easily stored until the next swim or the next heat.

Simple gestures to adopt for your pet during hot weather

A few recommendations to respect so that high temperatures rhyme with serenity and comfort for your faithful companion.

  • In case of high temperatures, keep your dog cool at home, ban physical efforts and outings.
  • Avoid or limit transportation.
    Also, during high temperatures, never leave your dog in your parked car, whether in the sun or in the shade, and, contrary to what many people think, a window is absolutely not enough to control the heat in the cabin. The air inside the car can reach 50°C in a few minutes for an outside temperature of only 22°C in the sun. Imagine the same situation with summer temperatures.
  • Do not walk your dog on hot asphalt, which could cause severe burns to his paws.
  • Finally, make sure that fresh water is always available.