How to pet my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs can be fearful and difficult to approach at first. It has a tendency to be wary and defensive during the first few days. However, it is really a rodent that loves to be petted and needs attention. To take good care of him, it is essential to know some basics and approach techniques to make your pet feel confident. So, how to properly pet your guinea pig?

Take precautions

First of all, it seems important to specify that guinea pigs particularly appreciate when they are held during petting. He needs to feel protected and this feeling is present when he feels surrounded and supported. This gesture also allows him to relax. However, it is useless to rush on your pet to hold it; you must take precautions and approach it gently so as not to scare it.

Listen to your pet

A guinea pig may be shy and fearful at first, but not everyone is. That’s why you need to listen to your pet to know, understand and understand what it wants and needs. If you reach out your hand to pet your pet and he backs away, it is a sign that he is afraid. So, it is better to stop on the spot while keeping the hand extended and to wait for him to move towards you. If he doesn’t move forward, you should withdraw your hand and try again later. Also, if the guinea pig feels confident, if he throws a slight headbutt during a stroke, it’s a sign that he wants the stroke to stop.

The way to pet

When it comes to petting, guinea pigs, although it varies depending on the animal’s personality, tend to prefer strong strokes – more specifically, those done using the palm of the hand as well as the fingers – over fearful strokes – with the fingertips. Beware: some guinea pigs may be averse or fearful of hands and therefore shy away at first. In this case, it’s best to approach your pet gently and stroke it only superficially so that it doesn’t feel rushed and feels safe.

To pet your guinea pig, it is interesting to know a few techniques that he usually likes. Scratching your pet with lightly bent fingers and nails tends to be appreciated. On the contrary, some guinea pigs are afraid of this type of approach and prefer to be touched with their hands, that is, without pressing with their fingers. This animal also likes hand movements, especially circles or waves.

In general, guinea pigs like to be petted on the back side of their body, especially on the hindquarters. At first glance, they are less fond of being petted on their belly or head. However, when he is confident, he loves to be stroked on his belly when he is lying on his back on his owner’s lap, for example. Also, an area that is an exception at the head level and that tends to please the animal is the chin. Obviously, it all depends on the character of the animal and preferences differ from one guinea pig to another.