How to maintain your aquarium?

An aquarium is undoubtedly the decorative element of your room and aquarium keeping a new passion. But when you installed your fish, you certainly did not think about the maintenance they require. However, you must distinguish the essential maintenance of your aquarium from the purely aesthetic one to keep the beauty of your installation. Discover all you need to know about aquarium maintenance.

Essential aquarium maintenance

When you dive into the maintenance of your aquarium, you will quickly realize that it is vital for your fish. Depending on the type of tank you have chosen, its size and also the type of filtration you have chosen, the maintenance of your aquarium will not be the same.

Changing the water

To maintain a proper biochemical balance for your fish and plants, it is necessary to change the water once a month. It is necessary to change about 15 to 20% of the water every month. You should use a water conditioner at each water change and when you first set up your aquarium to transform your tap water into water that is favorable to the development of fish and plants.

Cleaning the soil

To remove any waste that may be present on the floor of the aquarium, you will certainly need a vacuum cleaner. Also, if your aquarium has decorations, it will be necessary to clean them in turn. With a sponge or small brush, you can get rid of the algae that has settled on them. If you have trouble cleaning them thoroughly, you can remove them from the aquarium and use boiling water with a disinfectant like bleach. You may also want to consider adding a catfish to your aquarium to help eliminate algae and reduce its growth.

Filter Maintenance

As important as changing the water in your aquarium on a regular basis, cleaning the filters that make up your aquarium is an essential step in aquarium maintenance. So, remove the filters from the aquarium, rinse them with clean water and wring them out until the water is clean. Plan to clean the filters once or twice a month, at the same time as changing the water if possible to save time. The filter must be clean because it retains the aquarium’s waste, but it must also retain the bacteria that are useful for the fish’s development. Regular rinsing is therefore more than sufficient.

Feeding the fish

As you can imagine, the essential routine of maintaining your aquarium includes feeding your fish. You can feed your fish up to 3 times a day, but you must be careful not to overfeed, which is not good for your fish or for the water quality. Excessive feeding leads to algae growth and deposits on the aquarium floor.

Secondary aquarium maintenance

Once you have taken care of the essential maintenance of your aquarium, all that is left to do is to think about the daily and natural tasks to keep your aquarium and fish healthy.

Maintaining the temperature

Depending on the type of fish you have chosen, you need to maintain a water temperature that is favorable to their living conditions. For example, for tropical fish, the water temperature should be an average of 26°C while for classic goldfish the temperature should be between 18°C and 22°C.

Cleaning the windows and the water

To keep your aquarium looking its best, you must keep the glass clean. You can use a magnet to remove small traces or opt for an aquarium scraper to remove algae that are too deeply embedded. Finally, a small landing net will be your best ally when it comes to removing floating waste to keep the water looking nice.

The maintenance of an aquarium is divided into essential tasks on which the health of your fish depends and a routine to put in place to keep an aesthetic aquarium.