How to maintain a cat litter box in an apartment?

Having a feline in an apartment is a real joy, but who says cat, says litter box. Thus, when the cat does most or all of its needs in the home, several problems must be managed by the owner: odors, visibility, maintenance … Discover all our advice so that cat litter in an apartment does not necessarily rhyme with trouble and bad smells!

The advantages of the litter box

For an indoor life, the toilet house appears to be the best solution rather than a simple bin.

Aesthetically speaking, it integrates perfectly into your home thanks to its design and color that can be selected according to your interior.

Also, its cover allows you to hide the visibility of your cat’s excrements and pee, which are not in the open air, unlike the traditional litter box.
The lid also allows a better retention of odors.
Also, toilet houses generally have carbon filters to absorb odours. Perfect for an apartment therefore, provided that you change them from time to time.

An impeccable cleanliness to avoid odors

In order to satisfy your cat’s need for cleanliness and to limit odours, the maintenance of the litter box or toilet house must be irreproachable.

Thus, it is advisable to remove excrement every day and urine every other day. The entire litter box should be replaced weekly or every two weeks or more. Of course, this depends on the type of litter used. Silica is the most durable.
To facilitate maintenance, you can choose a clumping litter: the soiled material forms small balls, agglomerates, very easy to remove.

In order to limit odors and avoid storing your cat’s dejecta in your trash can, or to avoid daily trips to the dumpster, opt for a litter garbage can. The LitterLocker litter garbage can is very aesthetic and allows you to throw and store your cat’s feces in it. Unique, it is combined with a specially designed anti-odor bag system to retain litter box odors. Perfect to overcome the constraint of storing soiled litter!

Choosing the right type of litter

The choice of product is also crucial. Thus, choose a reference that offers a higher absorption coefficient and a good odor retention. Namely, the different types of litter are unequal with regard to this criterion. Thus, the mineral often captures odors poorly while silica absorbs them perfectly.

To avoid finding small pieces of litter everywhere in your apartment, choose a product with not too fine grains, especially if your cat has long hair.
Also think about the litter exit mat that allows you to keep the few grains that would try to escape from the litter box!

Finally, you can also choose a scented reference to offer a pleasant scent in your home while masking the bad smells emanating from the litter box.