How to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree?

Every year, with Christmas approaching, the craze to make a pretty, well-decorated tree is tempting… Yes but, with a cat at home, decorations can quickly become very playful toys and the fir tree, an original cat tree. So, before the house looks like a battlefield, We will gives you a few tips to prevent the Christmas tree from being attacked by the cat and ending up up upside down.

An adapted tree size

It is preferable to choose a fir tree with an adapted size for everyone’s safety. If it is too big, it will be more difficult to stabilize it and your cat will risk to make it fall. If you have a kitten, it is recommended to choose a small size tree, to be placed on a table, until it grows and its desire to play diminishes.

A stable base

We know very well, the cat is very agile and jumps abruptly at the place he wants … It becomes essential that the fir tree be strong enough to support the weight of your cat and prevent it from ending up on the ground. So ask a salesman for advice, to choose a base adapted to the size of the tree. Attach the tree to the wall or the ceiling for more security. You can get a base cover to hide the fixings and simply embellish your Christmas decoration.

The ideal location for the Christmas tree

Space is important. The fir tree must be kept away from any object where your cat might climb (sofa, shelf, bookcase…) to finally reach its ultimate goal and leap to the top of the tree. Prefer a secluded room that you can close in the evening, away from the nocturnal hustle and bustle of your tomcat!

Christmas decorations… Good for the game!

Christmas balls, garlands, snow star… A real playground for your cat ! It is recommended not to put on Christmas decorations, but the magic would be easily lost. Therefore, place the decorations high up, at a level not accessible by your cat. Alternatively, you can hang the decorations securely with metal hooks or wire.

Beware of electric cables…

If you choose light garlands, beware of electric wires! Wrap the cables around the base of the tree and protect them with tape for example on the plug and the power cord to reduce the risk of chewing.

The repellent spray to save the tree!

Another tip: spray the tree with a special cat repellent habitat spray. The scent will not please your tomcat, who will no longer approach the tree. However, this action must be done on a regular basis, even daily. To avoid intoxicating the small family and your small feline, choose a natural product.

Don’t forget to place the gifts under the tree, but not too early… And to spend happy holidays with your family!