How to give a heart massage to your dog?

Humans are not the only ones concerned by cardiac arrest. So, it is quite possible that one day you will be confronted with this emergency situation with your dog. In order to be able to intervene as quickly as possible and save his life, there are simple gestures to know.

Is your dog conscious?

You can see that it is not the case if it does not move and does not react when you call it or shake it slightly.
It is then important to react by taking him immediately to the veterinarian or to contact one who could intervene.
While waiting for the veterinarian, it is important to practice first aid on the spot, in order to save its vital organs by ensuring their irrigation.

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac massage

To do this, place your dog on a flat surface on its right side and perform the following steps:

1/ Tilt his head back to clear his airway. Open his mouth, pull out his tongue and remove any natural material or foreign objects that may be obstructing his breathing.

2/ Check his breathing by observing, or not, the lifting of his chest. You can also gently place your hand on the chest to be sure.

If your dog is not breathing, it is advisable to practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation:

  • Place your hands around his mouth to prevent air from passing through.
  • Blow rapidly into his nostrils 5 to 6 times while observing the movement of his chest. Wait for the chest to inflate and then relax between each breath.
    For a small dog, your mouth should cover its nostrils and your ventilation should be short and shallow.

3/ Take his pulse by placing your finger on the inside of one of his thighs, just above his knee.

If there is no pulse, it is important to start a cardiac massage:

  • To locate the area to be massaged, look at the spot on his body where the elbow of his front paw touches his chest.
  • To massage a large dog, you can place your two hands on top of each other, as you would with a human. For a small dog, the bottom of your palm is sufficient.
  • Apply 30 regular and rapid pressures, then blow into your pet’s nostrils twice.
  • Repeat this operation for 20 minutes, checking regularly to see if your pet regains consciousness.