How to brush my Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon cat’s thick and silky coat is one of its main beauty assets and contributes greatly to its notoriety. In order for your cat to keep its magnificent coat, it is essential to take care of it regularly and with the right accessories. This includes regular brushing.

Why brush my Maine Coon?

The Maine Coon has a long hair, and its fur is dense and woolly. Regular brushing removes dead hair and any dirt that may have clung to the coat, removes knots, which can be painful for the animal when they are too big, and also aerates the skin.
Taking care of your cat’s fur also allows you to monitor the appearance of parasites or skin diseases and is also an excellent way to share a moment of complicity and tenderness with your pet.

How often should I brush my Maine Coon?

Brushing is mandatory for your pet’s comfort and health, but also to keep its coat looking beautiful throughout its life. It is therefore essential to get your pet used to this ritual as soon as possible. Familiarized with this pleasant moment since he was little, his cooperation will remain intact once he is an adult.

For visible and lasting results, brushing once a week is a minimum. If your pet is particularly fond of this time, or if his coat is high-maintenance, two to three brushings a week may be necessary. You should be particularly vigilant during the fall and spring moulting periods when hair loss is significant. A higher brushing frequency is then essential, as much to promote a good change of coat as to prevent disturbances related to hairballs.

Of course, regardless of age, it is essential to do this grooming session at the right time, when your pet is ready.

Which brush should I choose for my Maine Coon?

For a simple brushing, a long-haired currycomb and a carding brush are enough to maintain your pet’s coat.
If your Maine Coon’s coat has knots, it is essential to detangle them very gently, without ever forcing them. Start by gently brushing his coat with a stiff brush, and if that doesn’t work, use a cat detangler and a comb. However, if the knots are too tight and impossible to remove, it may be necessary to cut them with round-tipped scissors, always with maximum gentleness so as not to risk unintentionally skinning your feline.

In summary, each Main Coon has a different coat, so it is up to each owner to find out how often to brush it and what accessories to use to maintain it properly. However, if despite all this advice your pet’s coat is dull, greasy, or if it is shedding in large quantities, do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian.