How do I measure my dog?

Whether it is a saddlery accessory or a piece of clothing, it is essential to choose the size that corresponds perfectly to your dog in order to guarantee him an optimal comfort when wearing the product. Therefore, to avoid making mistakes, it is imperative to know how to take measurements.

An unsuitable saddlery accessory can cause great discomfort in the movements of your pet, but can also cause injuries if the product rubs or is too tight. The risk of a product that is too large, in the case of a collar or a harness, for example, is that your dog could easily get loose and run away.
For clothing, a product that is too small may be tight or may simply not fit. If it is too loose, the aesthetics will not be there.

Saddlery and clothing are generally available in sizes ranging from XS, XL, S, M and L. Generally, sizes S are best for small dogs, size M for medium breeds and sizes L or XL for large animals. But beware of standards, because some breeds of dogs have a physical peculiarity that makes the size that should “normally” fit them not suitable. For example, the bulldog has a much larger chest than a Jack Russell, even though they are both small dogs.

  • Before purchasing a harness, it is therefore necessary to measure your pet’s chest size. The marker is just after his front legs, at the elbow. It is then necessary to add 5 cm to the measurement. For this purchase, the neck size is also important.
  • For a collar, it is advisable to measure the neck size of your faithful companion and add 1.50 cm. This avoids your dog any possible feeling of strangulation.
  • Finally, when buying a garment, measuring your dog’s back is usually enough to get the right size. The measurement is taken horizontally, from his neck to the base of his tail. Also, for some clothes, measuring his chest may be necessary. In case of measurements between two sizes, it is advisable to take the larger size.