How do I kill my dog’s fleas? 5 Critical Steps

You’ve noticed that your faithful dog is scratching more than usual, and upon closer inspection, you see that fleas have invaded his coat. How do I kill my dog’s fleas? It’s time to act before the situation gets worse. Discover 5 effective steps to get the job done and relieve your beloved companion.

Step 1: Give your dog a good bath!

In order to eliminate the parasites present on your pet, wash him with warm water and a flea shampoo. In addition to removing adult fleas, it removes residue and relieves skin irritation and itching. Most products also have a repellent effect on parasites.

Step 2: Apply a pest control product

Once the coat is clean and soft, treat your dog with the pest control device of your choice:

Flea collar: the simplest treatment offering long-lasting action. The product is spread all over the body through the sebaceous glands;
Flea pipette: it is applied on the skin of the back and requires a monthly renewal, as well as a little cooperation from your pet.
Anti-parasite spray or powder: dry products that are applied directly to your dog’s coat. They also need to be applied frequently for maximum effectiveness. If you have multiple pets, they all need to be treated to prevent them from infesting each other.

Step 3: Disinfect his belongings

Fleas are not only adult parasites, but also eggs, larvae and developing fleas, comfortably installed in your pet’s belongings! After giving your pet a proper treatment, it’s important to decontaminate his belongings with a pest control spray or, when possible, by washing his cushion and basket, for example.

Step 4: Treat your home

Fleas are found on your dog, but especially in his environment, namely, his belongings, but also yours: carpets, rugs, sofa, baseboards …! It is therefore essential to carry out a major spring cleaning in order to stop the development of fleas and therefore reinfestations!

If your interior is already too invaded, there are special anti-parasite products for your home in the form of smoke or spray.

Step 5: Don’t forget to repeat the treatment!

The fight against fleas in dogs is a long-term battle! That’s why it’s extremely important not to let your guard down and to renew your pet’s antiparasitic product at the end of its effectiveness period so as not to fall into the endless cycle of reinfestations.

In summary! So, how do I kill my dog’s fleas? You’ve learned your lesson and completed your mission with flying colors. If your dog is infested, proceed as outlined above with a thorough grooming and pest control treatment of your pet’s coat and living area. You will find your sweet companion with healthy hair and the desire to walk in nature without fearing the terrible parasites of the season!