How do I isolate my dog’s kennel?

The outdoor dog house offers a secure and comfortable shelter for your pet. As winter approaches and the cold weather sets in, every owner wants to protect their dog from the cold and bad weather. The question is how to insulate this shelter in order to make it as comfortable as possible and to offer your dog a cozy shelter.

A good size dog house and a good location

First of all, the size of the shelter must be adapted to the size of your dog because the heat emitted by its body allows the shelter to be heated. A shelter that is too large may not insulate well and preserve this precious heat.

Concerning its location, if, during the summer season, the kennel must be in the shade for more freshness, in winter, it must be under a sheltered shelter, facing south (shed, roof overhang, sheltered terrace…). However, make sure that it is not too far from the entrance of your house so that your dog does not feel too excluded. Also, in his role as the house’s official guard, your dog will also want to be close to the gate to watch for the passage and ensure the protection of the tribe.

Insulate your dog house by choosing the right materials

An outdoor shelter must be sturdy and solid in order to withstand year-round climatic and weather changes (strong wind, frost, snow, cold…). It is therefore essential to choose resistant materials such as wood, PVC or resin.

Wood :

Wooden kennels are well insulated. They have the advantage of preserving a bit of coolness in summer and once winter comes, to keep the heat. Nevertheless, wood can be very sensitive to water and humidity. It is therefore necessary to protect it with a stain that prevents water penetration, while allowing the wood to breathe. Finally, we advise you to choose a niche raised from the ground with plastic feet. Thus, you will ensure optimal ventilation of the shelter and sufficient distance from the ambient humidity.


This material avoids sudden changes in temperature and perfectly insulates from the cold. However, it is important to choose a quality product, as PVC can quickly deteriorate, yellow and crack. Waterproof and robust and more economical than wood, it is a good compromise.


Waterproof, resin is ideal for making outdoor shelters that have effective insulating properties against rain, cold or frost. Easy to move, the resin gazebo will adapt to the seasons in a choice location!

Last tips :

  • Make sure the roof is waterproof (rubber, polystyrene…).
  • Pointed roofs have the capacity to evacuate rainwater more easily than a flat roof
  • Regardless of the season, it is essential to protect the kennel from rain with a PVC or plastic door.
  • You can also insulate the floor by placing a special outdoor bed.