How do I feed my breeding rabbits?

and how to feed my farmed rabbits? These are essential questions in rabbit farming, to guarantee iron health to your farmed rabbits, which requires a complete feed.

Nutritional needs

Rabbits are herbivorous, with a very complex and singular digestive system. Their intestinal flora is very efficient, allowing them to assimilate and digest food quickly. Thus, they eat preferably in the evening, without a fixed meal, small quantities. They are the kings of snacking!

To feed my breeding rabbits, I therefore need to provide this intestinal flora with different nutritional sources with dietary fibers, vegetable proteins, lipids and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals.

The rabbit in freedom, can feed on water and fresh grass, without serious deficiencies, but in breeding, it is preferable to provide a complete and mixed diet that ensures growth and good development.

Hay… In abundance!

To feed farmed rabbits, it is preferable to have a good supply of hay! In fact, this natural food covers 70% of the rabbit’s nutritional needs. Loaded with fiber, it represents a healthy diet and a long life. Keep the hay away from humidity and the risk of mould to avoid diseases.

Beware, it is not recommended to collect grass along roads and paths to feed your rabbits. Indeed, grass is very often soiled by the excrement of dogs, carriers of tapeworm (risk of cysticercosis for rabbits).

Pellets, complete food, to feed my rabbits

Very nourishing and caloric, the granules ensure rapid growth. Composed of small cylinders of compressed hay, other vegetables, cereals and sometimes mineral salts and vitamins, they are enriched and provide the right dose of calcium and vitamins for pregnant or lactating females and small bunnies.

It is necessary to give little, then increase the dose, while monitoring the weight of the animal and the diarrhea (critical) caused by excess calcium.

Fresh and vegetable products to feed my rabbits

To feed my rabbits with various products, you can give vegetables and fruits for the greediest ones (rich in vegetable proteins). Carrots, dandelion, spinach? To be introduced, part one, in the diet. For more information, go to the dedicated page “vegetables and fruits for rabbit” on the specialized site Wamiz.

Twigs and branches of trees to make the teeth

To care for and increase the wear of the teeth in rabbits, you can enrich their food with natural twigs and branches. They will enjoy gnawing and removing bark from the wood. Prefer fruit trees… A real delight!

Fresh water at your disposal

Finally, in addition to feeding, rabbits must always have fresh, clean water available for drinking. In a suitable bowl, it is essential to disinfect it with white vinegar daily and fill it with clean water.