How do I choose my dog’s cushion size?

A cozy place where your dog likes to spend time and rest and where he soaks up his scent, the cushion is an essential accessory for your pet’s comfort. It can be used alone or as a complement to his basket or kennel, for example.

It is advisable to choose a cushion neither too small nor too large. Your dog should be able to curl up comfortably in a ball and stretch all the way up without his head or paws overflowing. If the cushion is too big for him, he will not feel comfortable and safe. If, on the other hand, the cushion is too small, he will have trouble sleeping and will go sleep elsewhere.

If you have just adopted a puppy, we advise you to first opt for a small size dog cushion to avoid the cushion being too big for him during his first months, and then to consider later on acquiring one adapted to his adult size according to his breed. Your cushion should also be adapted to the size of his basket or kennel.

Choosing the right dog cushion for your dog according to his size and breed

A cushion between 60 and 80 cm in length for small dogs and puppies.

This concerns in a non-exhaustive way the following breeds of dogs: Bichon, Jack Russell, Pekinese, Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Japanese Spaniel, Dachshund, Scottish Terrier, Westie, Shih Tzu, Silky, Affenpinscher, Dandie, Little Brabant, Lhasa Apso…

A cushion between 80 and 100 cm in length for medium size dogs.

This concerns in a non-exhaustive way the following breeds of dogs: Beagle, Basset, Labrador, Golden Retriever, King Charles, Poodle (medium), Cocker, Pyrenean Shepherd Dog, Spaniel, Fox Terrier, French Bulldog, Hokkaido Ken, Chow Chow, Field Spaniel, Lighter, Brachet, Pug, Water Dog, Samoyed, Shiba Inu, Sheepdog, Kai, Cairn, Dunker, Drever, Kishu…

A cushion between 100 and 120 cm in length for large dogs.

This concerns in a non-exhaustive way the following breeds of dogs: German Shepherd, Brie Shepherd, Boxer, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Bernard, Poodle (large), Dogue, Greyhound, Dobermann, Rottweiler, Setter, Foxhound, Braque, Bouvier, Sheepdog, Malamute, Hovawart, Retriever, Akita, Ariegeois, Komondor, Greyhound, Grand Bouvier, Broholmer, Barzoï…

To know

For easier maintenance, we recommend a removable cushion. Simply wash or change the cover and the cushion will always remain clean. Preferably choose a dark color cushion, which will be less dirty. Finally, choose a cushion of superior quality rather than an entry-level cushion, which will tend to tear easily, which is very dangerous for the dog because he may swallow the foam.