Heatwave: the right reflexes for my rabbit

When the mercury rises, wild rabbits seek coolness by digging burrows in which they can shelter from the sun. Unfortunately, our pet rabbits can’t reproduce this natural behavior! They are very sensitive to heat and easily subject to dehydration, so we must help them cool down as much as possible!

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure he has unlimited access to fresh, clean water
  • Its habitat must be placed in the coldest room of your home and protected from the sun. You can place a tiled plate inside, a cool surface on which he can lie down.
  • Wrap a bottle of frozen water in a cloth and place it near him so that he can lie down beside it. You can also moisten a cloth and place it on his cage or on the floor.
  • If your rabbit is long-haired, groom him very regularly to thin out his hair.
  • Rabbits evacuate heat through their ears, so you can moisten them with cool water to help them cool down.
  • Increase his intake of greens and vegetables so that he can stay hydrated.