For the summer, offer a pool to your dog!

Buying a swimming pool for your dog is neither superfluous nor extravagant when he has to endure, as you do, the strong heat during the summer season. As soon as the temperature rises, our dog friends greatly appreciate a refreshing dip in a pool. Often a few centimeters of water are enough to make them happy! Also, it is an effective way to ensure that your pet does not suffer from the heat.

What is the purpose of a dog pool?

Human or animal, cooling off in the water is extremely pleasant, especially in summer! In addition to the great comfort it provides, water also helps relieve excess heat.
In order to regulate his internal temperature, which is higher in hot weather, a human can sweat, which is not the case for a dog.
If he is too hot, a relative cooling takes place via breathing, he gasps. However, in a stifling environment, this is not enough. Breathing becomes too rapid, unable to eliminate the heat, and heat stroke is inevitable.

To help your dog cool down and prevent heat stroke, a dog pool is an excellent solution.

A pleasant environment to play in

Very quick to install, the dog pool can be placed on the ground or on a terrace if you don’t have a real outdoor space.

It quickly becomes a playground, a paddling pool in which the animal can let off steam and bounce around at will while having fun with the water or floating toys.

Totally safe, you can put him a water height adapted to his age and size. Its dimensions are small but suitable for all dogs, big or small!

Also, this rigid plastic pool is solid and has particularly sturdy edges. Your pet will not risk damaging it with its claws or fangs.

As for its storage, it is a fully foldable product and therefore easy to store.

A grooming tank with no constraints

The special canine pool also allows you to clean your pet’s coat outdoors. Even if he snorts, you won’t have to clean everything after his grooming.
So, when you return from a walk, you can rinse it quickly. For this purpose, choose a pool with a plug to facilitate the draining of dirty water.
Quietly installed in the garden or on the terrace, you can share a moment of pure complicity, without any hygiene constraints.