DIY workshop: 5 accessories to make your chickens happy!

You can make your hens even happier with 5 simple accessories to place in their living space to enrich it. The ultimate reward for happy chickens? Good fresh eggs, every day!

1/ A dustpan

Indispensable for your little protégés, hens love to roll around in the dust to give their feathers a little beauty and rid them of parasites and impurities. To do this, simply make a mixture of sand and ash and place it in a bin to avoid spreading: a plastic children’s pool, tires or a gardening box.

2/ A swing

It is well known that chickens like to be perched, to sleep, but also for pleasure. For this, offer them a swing by simply making it with a branch and string that you then simply hang. For more simplicity, you can also recover an old wooden or plastic swing.

3/ A mirror

Chickens are extremely curious and sociable animals that will enjoy meeting new people… even if it’s just their own reflection!

4/ Hanging vegetables

Chickens are the precious friends of those who don’t like to waste, since they enjoy almost all our leftovers. To amuse them, offer them half a cucumber or a zucchini that you simply hang from a string. Success guaranteed!

5/ A perch

By instinct and fear of predators, chickens like to be perched. Using boards and nails, build them a superb perch on which they can sleep or observe their environment.