Cycling with your dog

A leash, a basket or a trailer for your dog?

Do you want to go for a bike ride with your canine companion? Be aware that the Highway Traffic Act requires pet owners to ensure the safety of their dogs on the road. This is why it is essential to buy certain dog accessories on bicycles, available on our site at discount prices. There are three ways to pedal alongside your dog in complete safety, for long rides and beautiful moments of complicity.

Attach a leash to your bike

The first method, which consists of attaching your dog’s leash to a spacer attached to the bike, is ideal for practicing cani mountain biking. Your dog will be able to run after you at your own pace without getting his paws caught in the leash or in your bike. He won’t be able to knock someone over since he’s always at your height. An extendable leash helps to reduce and cushion the dog’s tugging: in the event of a sudden deviation, it will come off to avoid any risk of falling. The dog is always kept at a safe distance from the two wheels to ensure your safety as well as his own.

You will not need to hold the leash in one hand and you will be able to ride your bike with your hands completely free to brake or indicate to motorists and other cyclists a change of direction.

This separation system reduces sudden pulls, so that the animal will have little impact on the path of the cycle. This very intuitive device allows the dog to quickly get used to your ride and does not present any risk in case of an unexpected change of direction. Your four-legged companion will follow you when you brake, turn or stop. He will be able to anticipate the ATV’s movements because he will have understood that he must steer according to the direction of the front wheel. Sometimes, your dog will be able to make a few deviations but nothing serious. In fact, there is no imbalance in the cycle when the dog does not follow exactly the same direction as you do.

You will then be able to pedal at your own pace. The more sporty dogs will even enjoy pulling the team, lightening your effort, especially when going uphill. It’s a great way to get your dog to exercise. It will strengthen his heart and help him maintain a healthy weight.

Reflective stripes allow you and your pet to be visible from a distance at night, in fog or when visibility is poor. We advise you to purchase equipment that also includes a harness. Measure your dog’s chest circumference to choose the right harness size.

To get your dog used to running with you, proceed in a progressive way and avoid in case of strong heat. Make sure your dog does not run out of breath. Like you, a dog gets dehydrated relatively quickly during exercise, so remember to give him something to drink regularly. On the other hand, if you prefer your dog to relax and contemplate the landscape while you pedal, choose to buy a basket or a trailer for your two-wheeler.

Attach a transport basket to the front or back of the bike.

Be careful not to choose just any basket: you must buy one specifically designed for dogs. This type of basket can be securely attached to the luggage rack at the rear or to the handlebars at the front, depending on the model. It is only suitable for small dogs. There are several models of baskets on sale on our site at the lowest prices: in solid plastic, in resistant nylon or in elegant wicker (with a plastic-coated metal protective grille).

For the comfort of your doggie, our bicycle baskets will protect him from rain and wind. Even when closed, the basket will let air and light pass through and has reflective strips to be seen from afar in all circumstances. These baskets are equipped with a carrying handle so you can easily carry your dog when you get off the bike. Some have storage pockets to hold your pet’s belongings and accessories as well as an adjustable leash to prevent him from escaping.

Others have a front safety grill to prevent your pet from escaping, a ledge for your dog to put his paws on, or a seat belt. Adjust the belt correctly to avoid any imbalance that could be dangerous to the stability of the handlebars.

Many baskets are sold with a soft fabric cushion or removable padded base to ensure your dog is comfortable on his walks.

Transporting your dog in a trailer

Finally, the last solution is to buy a trailer for your dog to be installed on the back of your ATV. These are suitable for dogs of any size, depending on the model. They have comfortable and airy interiors with clear windows, integrated parking brakes and reflective stripes. Finally, its doors allow you to keep your pet out of the wind and rain. It’s the ideal means of transportation for your dog when hiking. Also consider buying a sleeping tent for your dog if you plan to spend the night outside.