Choosing the best memory foam basket for your old or sick dog

How do you relieve joint pain in your elderly or ill dog, which is quite common at this stage of his life? Orthopedic bedding is a good solution for daily relief.
Memory foam baskets, cushions or mattresses are real health accessories that offer optimal rest and restorative sleep to your ailing or aging pet. Discover the memory foam device highly recommended by our experts, as beneficial for humans as for animals.

Why choose an orthopedic bed for my old dog?

Your dog will spend half of its life sleeping, the equivalent of 7 consecutive years. The senior category is often confronted with problems of arthritis or arthrosis.

Similar to old age rheumatism, osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that is characterized by a progressive wear and tear of the articular cartilages causing severe pain. Arthritis, on the other hand, is an inflammation of the joint of infectious, genetic or metabolic origin. Memory foam provides the best comfort for both humans and animals.

In both cases, the memory foam will offer an ultra-comfortable orthopedic bed to your pet, adapted to its morphology and pathology. More than a simple sleeping accessory, it relieves your dog’s illness and improves his sleep.

Seniors are generally affected by these joint diseases, but some young dogs may be concerned, especially very active or athletic animals. Large breeds or dogs that tend to be overweight are prone to these problems. Dog breeds prone to osteoarthritis are mainly large dogs, Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and rottweilers. In addition, poorly treated wounds are triggering factors. At the same time, you should give preference to senior dog food or veterinary food targeted at the joints.

Finally, a convalescing dog should benefit from a good recovery after a surgical operation or to heal any wounds.

The impact on daily life is considerable: it is essential to relieve your suffering, disabled or sick pet. The pain can rise to a crescendo, which is unbearable for the animal and its owner. Its management must intervene as soon as possible in order to limit the damage and maintain a good joint function.

Indeed, the natural food supplements available on our online pet store or the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your veterinarian are effective remedies during an osteoarthritis crisis. Complementary products such as Flexadin, anticox HD, Yooz are used, nevertheless, you will notice a decrease of these complements insofar as your dog suffers less by sleeping on a memory foam. And therefore, a definite saving on your veterinary expenses.

The advantages of a memory foam for dogs

Memory foam technology is based on the same concept as that used for humans. If you already know this process from having tried it yourself, you are certainly already convinced of the benefits for your back. It’s the same principle for your sensitive dog.

A memory foam is a thermoelastic foam that is comfortable and respectful of your pet’s skeleton. It ideally fits the morphology of the dog, whatever its weight and size. However, you should make sure to select a product according to your dog’s measurements. Moreover, the heat is very important at the level of the bony joints. It regulates his body temperature throughout his sleep, night and day.

Optimize the sleep of your companion and relieve its pains in a powerful way by offering him a memory foam for dog. You won’t regret it!

The investment in a memory bed for dogs will pay off quickly. Recommended by veterinary experts or canine osteopaths, an orthopedic bed perfectly cushions the animal’s curves from head to paws. Thus, its recuperative naps and the reduction of its pains contribute durably to the improvement of the health of your dog.

The balanced distribution of the dog’s body ideally relieves joint tension, which is very beneficial for your dog’s fitness and compensatory rest.

Memory foam dog bed: our favorite!

Here is our favorite selection for your beloved dog: an orthopedic memory bed with dense foam overlaid with polyester foam for optimal support and comfort.

The bedding offers a seat composed of 2 layers: on the top, the memory foam improves the bedding of your dog and marries excellently its anatomy. It will follow the curves of the animal and favors the alleviation of the various pressure points (articular pains, spinal column).
This foam is glued to a polyester foam pad that does not deform under the weight of the female dog: this ensures a homogeneous support and guarantees all the virtues of a shape memory.

This smooth and flat foam is ultra important, because if the memory foam were to touch the ground directly, it would quickly become deformed under the weight of the dog. The high resilience of the support allows it to absorb the animal’s movements while regaining its initial shape.

In addition, the edges of the bed are solidly formed with a quilt, like yours. This makes for a very comfortable dog pillow.

Finally, you will take care to wash it regularly, since its removable cover is easy to maintain in machine at 30 ° or by hand.

One last piece of advice before use: after unpacking the vacuum-packed basket, wait a little while before presenting it to your pet so that it regains its original shape.

A healthy dog will probably be exposed to painful joint problems from a certain age. If he undergoes surgery, he will need an ideal resting place for a better recovery. The memory foam bed is the answer to this problem and will bring a great relief to your faithful dog. Choose our “coup de coeur”, to help your dog get in better shape and reduce his daily handicap.