Cats saved from expulsion by Chinese Internet users

It is not the works of art of the obelisk forest museum in Chinese Xi’an that is the most successful . But its feline inhabitants: the cats who live there all year round! So why did the administration want to expel them? Luckily the Internet users were there!

But why evict the cats?

While they delighted a large number of visitors to the museum, the cats, who had been living comfortably for a long time within the walls of a Chinese museum, were suddenly threatened with expulsion by the China Daily.

Indeed, the museum issued an eviction notice following a major accident. A young visitor wanted to pet a small kitten, but his mother intervened with claws to protect her offspring. The young boy was injured and scratched and his mother filed a complaint with a local tourist office to condemn this violence.

Turnaround thanks to the Internet users!

The Internet users, challenged by this story, mobilized en masse on the Chinese social network Weibo. These animal lovers protested the eviction notice, in the hope that the museum’s cats would stay at home.

A fight that bore fruit, since the museum administration took their request into account, confirming that the felines would stay with them within the museum grounds.

Continuation of the affair…

Today, the felines walk quietly in the museum and take a nap on the steps of the porch as before… Yes, but when the visitors arrive, they are placed under high surveillance of the guards !

The museum has taken things in hand to prevent such an accident from happening again and so that felines and visitors can still live peacefully together for many years to come!

A beautiful story, which shows the power of the internet and proves that a general mobilization and a little solidarity can win beautiful battles to preserve the well-being of animals!