Cat flap: which one to choose for my cat?

The cat is an animal thirsting for freedom, but enjoying all the same the comfort of a warm home. In order to allow your cat to combine these two desires, choose a cat flap! Practical, it allows your cat to go back and forth between two rooms in your home or outside and your home without deprivation… or almost! Since many models are available, we help you make your choice for the great happiness of your feline.

Criteria for the choice of a cat flap

First of all it is advisable to pay attention to the dimensions of the cat flap to be put obligatorily in relation to the dimensions… of your cat! If your cat has a tendency to be overweight, make sure to select a model with larger dimensions so that your dear cat can move easily.

Then take into account the material on which the cat flap will be installed: thick wall, PVC door … Choose your model according to this aspect to ensure strength and ease of installation. Also, if the cat flap must be installed near a resting place, choose a silent model.

Simple and effective: the manual cat flap

First of all, this business model has many advantages.

As its name suggests, it is a basic cat flap that works with a flap system. Simple and inexpensive, your cat simply push the flap to go to either side of the cat flap.

There are two possible models for the closing system: 2 positions or 4 positions. 2 position cat flaps can be open/closed or locked. The 4 positions indicate open/close, lock, entry only, exit only, etc. The restriction functions are particularly useful if you want to limit access to your cat for a moment or for the night.

Many designs are available, perfect to match your interior and not make this accessory “the detail that spoils”.

Practical and secure: the magnetic or electronic cat flap

Although more expensive than manual cat flap models, they nevertheless have many advantages not offered by the basic model.

The most important advantage is safety. For a manual cat flap, we were talking about total freedom. This applies to your cat… but also to all the cats in your neighborhood! The electronic or magnetic cat flap is a remedy for untimely visits, as the opening system is triggered only when your cat arrives. How is this possible? Thanks to a collar or a magnet worn by your cat and acting as a kind of remote control. When your cat approaches, the cat flap recognizes the accessory and triggers the opening.

Thirsty for technology? A more innovative cat flap system makes it possible to open the flap thanks to the recognition of the unique electronic chip implanted under your cat’s skin. Incredibly practical!

Just like the manual cat flap, these models also have the possibility to modulate the opening positions to your liking.