Canicross : the 3 essential equipments

Back to school is not only synonymous with schooling, but also with sports! After having enjoyed the summer and the vacations, it’s time to get back to your good resolutions and your sporting rhythm. If you are a running enthusiast and don’t want to run alone, but rather in good company, discover the 3 essential equipments for canicross with your dog.

A harness

The harness must be reserved for a sporting use, forget the harness of stroll which is absolutely not adapted to an intense activity and risks to embarrass, even to wound your dog. It is also inconceivable to use a collar.
Choose a traction harness, perfectly adapted to your pet’s size. It should not interfere with your dog’s movements or breathing.

A canicross belt or harness

These accessories allow you to hold your dog on a leash without using your hands, making the race much more convenient and enjoyable. It is a padded equipment that cushions the dog’s run by relieving the owner’s hips, pelvis and back. Finally, depending on the model, it has places where it is possible to slip small accessories, such as keys, tissues, a cell phone…

A shock absorbing leash

Indispensable, it allows you to link you and your dog. Since canicross involves intense activity, it is necessary to choose a leash with a solid attachment that does not risk breaking at the first jolt. Finally, the shock absorber allows to absorb the shocks of the race.

Your dog is thus perfectly equipped! Don’t forget that you also need comfortable running clothes and running shoes that are adapted to the terrain, your goals and your stride.